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Thrustmaster WCS MKII AMI. AMI BIOS text for use with Thrustmaster WCS.
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Thrustmaster WCS MKII AMI. AMI BIOS text for use with Thrustmaster WCS.
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Mark II WCS failing to download?
Do the following:
Boot your computer, and if you have an AMI BIOS, you will
see a string of numbers appear. Hit the Pause (Break) key on the
top right side of your keyboard. Now, examine the numbers. The
last ONE or TWO digits will be the keyboard BIOS chip (also known
as the keyboard controller chip) version. You will see either a
letter K followed by another letter or a number, or simply a
number or letter as the last digit. The LAST DIGIT is the
important one. If it says F, that is the latest AMI version. If
it says B or D or 8 or 9, you will have to replace that keyboard
BIOS chip (keyboard controller chip).
We contacted AMI about a version 8 chip we found in a
machine the Mark II WCS would not download with, and after
consulting with them, it was determined that this keyboard BIOS
chip was, in fact, not produced by AMI, even though it had a
sticker on top that said "Copyright, 1988 AMI". It was NOT and
AMI Keyboard BIOS chip. We replaced the chip with a true AMI
version F keyboard BIOS chip and the Mark II WCS worked
There is no other workaround for this keyboard BIOS chip.
It will have to be replaced. Fortunately, this is not a
difficult task. It is a painless task requiring only that you
remove the case from your computer and look for the two BIOS
chips - the keyboard BIOS (or controller) chip will be the long
skinny one. It is plugged into a socket and when you get a new
one, request that the BIOS distributor you get it from send you a
chip puller. First contact someone who sells BIOS chips.
Usually you can find them in the Computer Shopper. Prior to
calling them, obtain the manual that came with your computer, if
you have one. It will most often have a line drawing of the
motherboard in your computer with information on the type of
CHIPSET your motherboard contains (such as NEAT, OMNI, etc.).
Also, boot your machine, and press the Pause key when the BIOS
numbers appear, and copy them down as you see them on the screen.
This will assist the BIOS distributor in selling you the proper
keyboard BIOS (Controller) chip. One we have found to have
helpful, knowledgeable people is:
TTI Technologies
2432-A Palma Drive
Ventura, CA 93003
805-650-6515 FAX.
They sell AMI, Mr. BIOS, and Phoenix BIOS', and are
extremely helpful and quick to respond if a problem develops with
a chip you buy from them. Contact them if you would prefer to
have a true AMI keyboard controller to go with your AMI system
BIOS chip.
ThrustMaster has also recently been able to obtain sourcing
to a keyboard controller chip that will fix this problem for you.
If you would prefer to use this option, contact ThrustMaster at
503-639-3200. We will provide you with an AWARD keyboard
controller chip that will work fine with your AMI system BIOS for
$11.00 including shipping and handling.
If you would like to learn more about your system and BIOS'

as well, we recommend picking up a copy of the book UPGRADING AND
REPAIRING PCs, 2nd Edition, by Scott Mueller. It is a QUE
publication and should be available through your local chain book
store such as WaldenBooks, B Dalton, Bookseller, or J K Gill,
etc. If you get it, read the section on page 323 - among other
information it mentions the keyboard controller chip problems
with some versions of the AMI BIOS prior to version F.
ThrustMaster's tech support can assist you if you have any
further questions.

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