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Neural Ned in NED'S WORLD is a game but it also is a hands-on exercise in neural networks.
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Neural Ned in NED’S WORLD is a game but it also is a hands-on exercise in neural networks.
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Contents of the README file

Neural Ned in NED'S WORLD - Shareware Version 1.0
by David S. Smiczek, Copyright 1993

Welcome to Neural Ned in NED'S WORLD! This is an
educational game that runs on Microsoft Windows 3.X. It
uses a neural network to train a little critter (NED) to run
about in his world (NED'S WORLD). The better you train him,
the longer he lives. The trained neural networks can be
saved for trading or competition. A licensed version of
this game comes with C-source code to the neural network
routines and illustrated printed documentation. The order
form can be found in the file ORDERFRM.DOC and it is
explained in NEDWORLD.DOC. This file contains the file
list, installation and document printing instructions.

File List:

README - This file.
EXAMPLE.BRN - An example brain file (saved neural net).
NEDCALC.DLL - Dynamic link library, required by game.
VBRUN200.DLL - Dynamic link library, required by game.
NEDWORLD.DOC - Documentation for game.
ORDERFRM.DOC - Form to order a licensed version of
Neural Ned in NED'S WORLD.
NEDWORLD.EXE - Neural Ned in NED'S WORLD Windows 3.X
NEDWORLD.SCR - High scores file. (created by Game)
CMDIALOG.VBX - Run time tool, required by game.
GRID.VBX - Run time tool, required by game.
THREED.VBX - Run time tool, required by game.


This software package does not have an installation program.
This was intentional. A common complaint with Windows 3.X
is that it is difficult to un-install a software package.
To not add to this problem I am going to allow you the user,
to keep everything in one directory where you can easily
remove it. Except for the conditions described in 'Short on
disk space?' at the end of this file, keep all of the files
in this software package together in one directory.

1. Create a directory on your hard drive to keep Neural
Ned in NED'S WORLD. For example lets use a directory
called 'NEDWORLD' in the root directory of drive 'C:':

cd \
mkdir nedworld

2. Copy all of the files listed above to the new
directory. For example if the files were on a:

copy a:\*.* C:\NEDWORLD

3. Add Neural Ned in NED'S WORLD to your 'GAMES' Windows
group. Open your 'GAMES' Windows group by double
clicking on it. From the 'File' menu of Program
Manager, choose 'New' and 'Program Item'. In the
'Command Line' box type 'C:\NEDWORLD\NEDWORLD.EXE'.
Click on the 'OK' button. The green NED icon should
appear in the 'GAMES' Windows group.

Short on disk space?

The files that came with the software package with the
'VBX' and 'DLL' extensions may be common to other Windows
programs you have. If there are more then 1 copies of
any of these files on your hard drive, then place 1 copy
in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and delete all of the

Printing documentation:

The document files are preformatted text files. They can
be copied directly to the printer. For example, the main
document can be printed by doing the following from the
NEDWORLD directory.


Microsoft Windows 3.X is a trademark of the Microsoft

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