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Lander - Space Shuttle game, collect pods and bomb the enemy.
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Lander – Space Shuttle game, collect pods and bomb the enemy.
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LANDER v.1.0 By:Dana Hanna

Hey wuz up all of you lazy game players? I finally got around to making
a REAL game, and at that a pretty cool one. This version of the popular game
Lander was created, written, and entirely invented by yours truly.

The controls are fairly easy to figure out and they are on the keypad.
To drop a bomb on the house starting at level 5, press F1. Try to get to
the 10th level and there are these pain-in-the-butt asteroids. I myself have
only gotten to the 14th or 15th level but I don't play it much. If you have
any questions(or if you want the codes for, unlimited fuel or lives) , you
can write to me or E-MAIL me. Have fun. By the way all that the speed
reduction in the beginning is for slowing it down as I have not been able to
make an auto-detect. How it works is that between each frame it counts to
the # that you put in and does that count for as many times as are in the
speed-loop. SEE YA! Leave me some feedback if you would!

Dana Hanna Jr.
"BUFFALO BILL" (on some BBS's in MD)

4656 Dapple Ct.
Ellicott City, MD 21043

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