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Search For Diamonds in an underground maze.
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Search For Diamonds in an underground maze.
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DIAMAZE v1.0 by Steve Herring REGISTRATION $6

A Graphical Maze Game for IBM/PC/COMPATIBLES
Requires NO Graphics Capability

SOFTWARE >>>>>>>>


After an all-night poker game Lord Carruthers owes you a great deal of
money. You knew he was cheating, but you were able to win because of
your superior playing skills. Carruthers, however, is a man you cannot
trust. He claims he is unable to pay his debt to you because he is
"cash poor;" all his funds are tied up in properties and investments.
He makes the following proposal:

"I say, old bean, I almost forgot about my diamond mine! If you
will cancel my debt, I will let you have the run of my diamond
mine for as long as a lamp can hold out. You can keep whatever
gems you find. It could bring you much more than what I owe you!
What do you say?"

You have to give this careful consideration. You probably will never
get your money any other way. But this idea of his could be dangerous,
and if Carruthers is as devious as he seems, it could be downright
fatal! He will probably give you a lamp that does not hold much fuel,
and when it goes out you'll be stuck in the dark... FOREVER!

You also wonder if there are enough gems lying about to cover the debt.
Most of the diamonds are probably still locked deep in the rock walls
of the mine.

Should you take Lord Carruthers up on his offer?

Yes, you accept the challenge, but you have some "cards" up your own
sleeve in THIS game. You will take his lamp, but you have a fuel gauge
that will tell you how much time you have left at any moment. You will
also smuggle in ten sticks of dynamite to let you get at some of those
unexcavated areas. And, best of all, you have a specially designed X-ray
scope that shows you where the diamonds are, even behind walls. With
careful timing and well planned use of the explosives, you may very well
be able to clean out Lord Carruthers' mine and teach him a lesson he will
never forget!


1. You start at the bottom of the mine shaft in the center of the mine.
This location is marked by different textured walls on three sides
which cannot be blasted. Your position is marked by an "X".

NOTE: Every time you play DIAMAZE the mine is different. Sometimes
that rascal Carruthers actually blocks off the entrance from the shaft,
and you have to blast you way into the mine itself.

2. You must return to the starting point before your lamp fuel runs out,
or you'll be lost forever in the dark (lose the game).

3. If you re-enter the starting place before the fuel is used up, the game
will end and your haul of diamonds will be appraised for a final score
in dollars (the value of the diamonds will vary between $300 and $800).
If you have captured all the diamonds, a bonus $5,000 will be awarded.

4. To explore the mine, use the arrow keys to move up/down/left/right.

5. To collect diamonds, simply move over them.

6. To use the dynamite, press the letter key for the direction of the
target wall on the screen (U=up, D=down, L=left, R=right). If there is
no wall next to you in that direction, nothing will happen. You cannot
blast the outer walls of the mine.

7. To quit the game at any time press the ESC key. If you quit, there is
no appraisal for any gems gathered.

8. At the end of every game, you will have an opportunity to view the
entire mine to see what you missed.

9. To turn off the sound effects at any time, press the "S" key. Press it
again to restore sound.


- Keep an eye on the fuel gauge. Allow enough to get you back to the
central entrance. Diamond lust can be fatal.

- Use the dynamite sparingly. Make sure there is no other access to the
area you want to enter, and that the content of the area is worth it.

- If you are racing against time to get back, and you have dynamite left
over, you can blast a shortcut for yourself.



If, within 30 days, you decide that you like DIAMAZE and will continue
using it, your are requested to register as a DIAMAZE owner. Your $6
registration fee will support future versions of this and other
HERRINGBONE software products.

Registered DIAMAZE owners are notified of the availability of upgrades
and have upgrade discount privileges. Also, with every registration
confirmation you will receive instructions for upgrading the evaluation
version to a registered version. In the registered version you may find a
storeroom at one side of the mine containing extra dynamite and lamp fuel.
The exact location of the storeroom will vary from game to game. You will
not be able to collect more dynamite than you can carry (10 total), or more
fuel than your lamp can hold. Finding and using the contents of the
storeroom will add to the challenge of playing DIAMAZE.

69 Chouteau Avenue
Framingham, MA 01701


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