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Simple game in which monster fight in an arena. Bet on winner.
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Simple game in which monster fight in an arena. Bet on winner.
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Darwin's Arena is a combination of the old computer game
called "Life", with some ideas from the illegal sports of
dogfighting or cockfighting. It simulates seven different types
of life form, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses, and
has them engage in a fight for survival. It features animated
CGA graphics, sound, and various options.

Darwin's Arena runs on any PC compatible with CGA or better
graphics. Simply type "DARWINS" at the DOS A> prompt. The fol-
lowing files must be on your disk:

DARWINS.EXE - the program file.

DARWINS.DAT, ARENA1.BAS - data files

DARWINS.DOC - this text file

A cpu speed of 8 mhz or better is recommended, but not re-
quired. If it runs too slow on your older PC or XT compatible,
a faster version is available for $5.00 from the address below.

Each of the seven little monsters in Darwin's Arena can
possibly beat any one of the others, but the odds vary greatly
in certain matchups. Here are the actual ratings for each type:

Quickness Strength Protection Endurance
Firebird . . . . 16 18 6 9
Saurian. . . . . 10 16 9 15
Crustoid . . . . 10 13 14 12
Dragon . . . . . 12 14 11 13
Ogre . . . . . . 13 12 9 14
Amoebid. . . . . 8 16 6 19
Cyclops. . . . . 14 10 9 14

Quickness determines how often the creature goes on attack.
Each monster has its own characteristic 2-tone voice, which you
hear when it begins and ends an attack. Attack strength deter-
mines how many hit points of damage the attack does. Protection
means how well the monster can withstand the attacks of his enemy.
Total hit points are based on the endurance rating.
When the fight begins, hit points for the first fighter are
shown in the lower left corner of the screen, points for the sec-
ond fighter in the lower right corner. As attacks do damage, these
totals can be seen dropping. When hit points reach zero, the mon-
ster dies.

Anyone who enjoys Darwin's Arena is asked to send a $5.00
donation to me at the address below, as well as any questions or
comments, such as new monster types you would like to see added.

Upcoming improvements to Darwin's Arena will include allowing
players to wager money on each of the fighters, and also giving
the user greater control over one or both fighters, strategy, etc.
Possibly even joystick control over a monster in the arena.

Other programs by this author:

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Russian front in W.W. II, using ASCII graphics.

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the U.S.'s most selective undergraduate colleges.

For a $5.00 donation, you will receive the two programs
above, and the source code to Darwin's Arena. You need not con-
tribute money to ask questions or get help. Mail to;

F. Matthew Kowalski
Marmion Abbey
1000 Butterfield Road
Aurora, IL 60504

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