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Checkers game includes Turbo C source - good graphics.
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Checkers game includes Turbo C source – good graphics.
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Contents of the INSTRUCT.TXT file

Rules of Play
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Each piece on the board can move one space at a time and in a forward
direction. When an opponents piece is on an adjacent square, a jump is
possible only if the next square behind the opponents piece is empty. If a
players piece has reached the last square on the opponents side, that piece
will become a king - meaning: that piece can move in any direction, but still
only one space at a time. When jumping, it is possible to jump several
players at once as long as your are moving in the appropriate direction that is
possible for that particular piece. These moves are called double, triple,
quadruple, etc... jumps. The entire object of the game is to clear all of your
opponents pieces off the board. When you have jumped the final, twelfth player
you have won the game.

Use of the Play System

When first loading up the game, you have four options: Play a new game (F2),
Load an old game (F3), New players (F5), or Quit the program (F5). If both
players are named '(none)' and you have selected the New game option then the
computer will ask you to enter Player 1's and 2's name. If F3 is pressed, the
computer will prompt you for the name of the file you wish to load. Then it
will immediately proceed to play the game. The Save game option (F4) can be
used any time during the program. The New players option (F5) can only be used
if a game is not in progress. This will allow you to change the names of
players 1 and 2. Enter the name 'computer' will allow you to play the computer
at a game of checkers. Pressing F10 will simply exit the program after asking
if you are certain you wish to quit.

During a game of checkers, the computer will display a flashing green cursor on
the current square it resides in. In the window at the bottom of the screen,
the computer will tell you whose turn it is. Player 1 is always red, and
player 2 is always black. To move the flashing cursor, use the arrow keys.
NUM-LOCK must be turned off. The diagonal arrow keys must be used as well.
Position the cursor on the piece you wish to move and press enter. The square
will become highlighted will a pinkish color. Then move the cursor to the
empty square you wish the selected piece to occupy and press enter. This
square will also become highlighted. To execute the movement of the piece, hit
the Move piece option (F1). In order to make a jump, first select the piece
you wish to move by pressing enter on its square - then postion the cursor on
the space that piece will end up at after the jump is made. To execute the
jump, press F1. If you wish to make a series of jumps, select the piece to
jump. Then move the cursor and press enter on every square the piece will jump
to in order. Do not press F1 until you are finished selecting every square the
piece will jump to. Then hit F1 and the piece will make its jumps and update
the information window.

If you wish to save the game during play, simply hit F4. The computer will
then prompt you for the filename. Do not enter the extension to the filename.
The computer will then save the game and resume play. To exit a game, press
the key. This will quit the game and will not allow you to return to
the game. The only way you could return to that game is if you were to save
the game to a file and load it back up.

Information window

The Information window is the box to the right hand side of the screen. This
window will tell you who the players are, how many pieces they have taken, how
many kings they have, and what color they are. The window, of course, will be
updated during the play of a game.

Text window

The Text window is the box to the bottom of the screen. It will tell you what
errors have occured if any. It will also prompt you for a filename or the name
of the new players when F5 is selection. If something unexpected has happened
look at this window to see if an error message has occured. However, if during
play, you have selected one of your opponents pieces the computer will simply
beep. No error message will occur.

Summary of keys

Key Function When it can be used
_____ _________________________ _______________________________

F1 Move piece - Only during a game in progress
Used to move a players
selected piece

F2 New game - Only when a game is not in progress
This will start a new

F3 Load game - Only when a game is not in progress
Used to restart a
previously saved game

F4 Save game - Anytime during the program
This will save the current

F5 New players - Only when a game is not in progress
This function will get new
player names

F10 Quit - Only when a game is not in p Used to exit the Turbo
Checkers program

ESC End a game - Only when a game is in progress
This will quit the game
you are currently playing

Thank you,

- The Awesome Author

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