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Maze game with Turbo Pascal V4.0+ source.
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Maze game with Turbo Pascal V4.0+ source.
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Contents of the MAZE.DOC file

MAZE.EXE was found in the Brain Bogglers Section of DISCOVER magazine (9/89).
Here are rules as seen in the magazine.


Place the tip of a pencil in the upper left hand square. The number indicates
how far you may move when you leave it. Whenever you land in a pink square, you
must flip the pencil so the other end is down. When the point of the pencil is
down, you may move horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally. If the
eraser is down, you may travel only diagonally. The object is to end up on the
square marked with an 'X'.


On the computer, the rules are the same. Just use the numeric keypad to move
around. Pressing 'Esc' exits immediately. When you win, the program will exit
and tell you how many moves you took to solve the puzzle.


Please send comments or suggestions to Scott Taylor [72401,410].

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