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True type font -- Elanna.
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True type font — Elanna.
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ELANN.TXT 943 502 deflated
ELANN___.AFM 5030 1691 deflated
ELANN___.CFG 494 310 deflated
ELANN___.INF 535 291 deflated
ELANN___.PFB 20626 19693 deflated
ELANN___.PFM 924 521 deflated

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Contents of the ELANN.TXT file

Elizabeth-Ann is a serif display font with thinly etched white lines drawn through the characters. It is copyright 1992 by D. Rakowski and distributed free of charge. On low resolution printers, it is ill-advised to use the font at sizes below about 48 points. A full alphabet, numbers and punctuation are provided.

You may keep and distribute the Elizabeth-Ann font freely, as long as you do laundry regularly and keep your room clean. Nonprofit organizations such as user groups, etc. may distribute this font on their nominal charge disks, providing the disk librarian also keeps his/her room clean. For-profit shareware/freeware disk distributors may distribute this font on disks for which they charge money providing no more than 50 percent of the disk duplicating staff is blonde and providing the wallpaper in the main office is not overtly tacky.

Elizabeth-Ann is a product of the looneys at Insect Bytes. What was your name again?

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