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Upgrade for registered Wildcat Sysops. Upgrade to ver 3.55 (single).
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Upgrade for registered Wildcat Sysops. Upgrade to ver 3.55 (single).
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Patch file for creating WILDCAT! v3.55

v3.55 is a maintenance release to v3.50/3.51/3.52 made available on
Sept. 11, 1992. It is a free update to all registered users since it
is only a manintenance version with no new features. Changes are listed
at the end of this text file.

It was released as a patch file available electronically on the MSI HQ BBS
and was mailed to subscribers to the Auto-Update Plan.


Application of this patch to a licensed WILDCAT! v3.50, 3.51 or 3.52
actually changes the code to make it identical to the new version 3.55.
It does absolutely nothing without being applied to a registered,
commercial WILDCAT! v3.50/3.51/3.52.

It will ONLY operate on a registered commercial copy of WILDCAT! v3.5x,
and is not a complete program. It is ONLY a patch which performs
the update to version 3.55. It will NOT work on Test-Drive releases.

It may only be used by paid licensees of WILDCAT! v3.5x who purchased
it directly from MSI or through a commercial store.


WILDCAT! v3.55 is available from Mustang Software, Inc. at 1-800-999-9619

WILDCAT! v3.55 is a patch update that fixes several problems with the
original release.

The update program consists of two parts, the executable patch
program (PATCH.EXE) and the patch data files (WILDx.RPT). The patch
data file contains all the information needed to make changes in
the old executable files and to track the application of patches,
even after multiple updates have been performed.

To perform the update follow these simple instructions:

1. Copy all the patch files to your WILDCAT! home directory (where
WILDCAT.EXE and WILDCAT.OVR are located).

2. Before beginning the patch process, make certain that all WILDCAT!
and TOMCAT executable files are present including .EXE and OVR files.
If any are missing or have been modified, the patch program will not
run. If you have made any modifications to your .EXE or .OVR files
you must copy the originals from your distribution disk prior to
running the patch.

3. From the WILDCAT! directory type


(replace the 'x' with the appropriate letter for your version, S, M, P,
or I) and press to update the WILDCAT! files.

4. To update your TOMCAT! files, from the WILDCAT! directory type


and press . If you have the Intelligent Multiport version of
WILDCAT! and TOMCAT! you should enter PATCH TC355I.RTP instead.

5. If you have wcMHS (the MHS Gateway program), from the WILDCAT!
directory type


and press .

6. A successful patch process results in a screen indicating that no
errors were encountered.

7. You may delete the patch files from your WILDCAT! directory after
running them with the command


Also included on the diskette are documentation files for TOMCAT!, TNet
and WCFILE. While most users have copies of these files, either in the
manual or on disk, some seem to have never received the full
documentation. The files included are:

TCDOCS.ZIP - TOMCAT! and TNet docs

This maintenance update is provided free of charge.

WILDCAT! v3.55 addresses the following:

- Sysop file search now checks for carrier loss. Previously, carrier loss
during a search was not noticed.

- Can now edit Shell/Terminate for batch file events.

- Single/double and full file display choices now work in file searches.
It previously forced double line for all displays.

- Zmodem now waits for an ACK after sending ZCRCW packets. This problem
affected any transfers that did not use the full streaming capability
of Zmodem and caused download failures.

- Zmodem didn't support positioning (ZRPOS) ahead into a file after the
transfer was started, now does to support Procomm for Windows skip

- Kermit had problems with systems requesting only one sliding window,
and now support 26 sliding windows (down from 31) in order to work
around a bug in MSKermit.

- If files are copied from CD to harddrive for transfer, sorting of
download list could cause the protocol window to display wrong file

- Changed the async routines to allow it to properly handle some unique
interrupt controllers. The error that was encountered was a comm
failure on startup, on return from TOMCAT! or return from a DOOR.

- Fixed a problem with Xmodem not supporting the old Xmodem/Checksum
method of error correction. Xmodem/CRC was operating properly.

- Fixed a memory decay problem that resulted in loss of 12K every time
mail was read using the mail check at login feature. This created
errors related to insufficient memory for program operation after
several days of repeated mail reading at login.

- Fixed an invalid pointer operation error that was generated when not
enough memory was available to allocate the screen buffer for DOS shell.

- Changed program operation to look for SETALIAS.BBS in the display file

- Removed log entry and display of message "xx rings without connect".

- Changed operation of auto-answer mode to avoid any possibility of
flushing a result code and hanging-up after connect. It was possible
for a modem result code to be lost and WILDCAT! to hang-up if the modem
was making use of auto-answer mode.

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