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FRENCH.DOC was written in WordPerfect 5.1. It can't be converted to
DOS text because it has symbols that are not in code page 437 ASCII
(that's our default ASCII in the U.S. and English speaking Canada.)

The Keyboard files can be used in both WordPerfect 5.0 and 5.1, although
they were written in 5.0.

Note that the bracket keys, [ { ] } are formed in GERMAN.WPK by Alt macros,
but they can be arranged to operate as they do in the other two WPKs where
they are included the dead keys.

All are in the Public Domain and you are encouraged to adapt them to other
languages, as they do not have all the diacriticals many of the Latin
alphabet based languages require. It isn't difficult, but you may have to
consult the WordPerfect manual for assistance.

FRENCH.ZIP and INTERNAT.ZIP for WordPerfect 5.0 and 5.1 users have WPKs
(Keyboard layout files) that augment WordPerfect's macro abilities beyond
the Alt- and Ctrl-macros to a third dimension - "dead keys".
Dead keys are keys that can supply symbols or diacritical marks with a
single stroke. They can mnemonically change any character on the keyboard to
any one of WordPerfect's over 1600 "Compose" characters and symbols. You
can, for example, arrange it so that hitting a dead key before pressing the
$, will produce a Pound Sterling symbol (ASCII 156) instead. Or follow a
dead key-stroke with Q to produce ASCII 172 (1/4), H becomes ASCII 171 (1/2),
Since no keys are remapped, or reassigned, - all continue to produce
exactly what the keytops show - there is no change whatsoever in the key
layout. (The default layout for PC/MS-DOS 3.0-5.0, KEYB US code page 437 and
850.) You can continue to use all your Alt- and Ctrl-macros without any
change. Moreover you may never bother to remap a key again.
For anyone who needs an accent mark for French, German, Italian, Spanish
or Portuguese either occasionally or for typing text in one of those
languages, FRENCH.WPK has all you need via the two dead keys, [ { } ]. If
you need additional accent marks you can easily modify it (or GERMAN.WPK or
PORT[uguese].WPK) to supply all the diacritics employed by any Latin alphabet
based language! My wife, neophyte as she is, was able to convert GERMAN.WPK
into TURKISH.WPK for typing in Turkish. If she could any novice can.
These WPKs only work within WordPerfect 5.0 or 5.1. Their facility
doesn't extend to other WordPerfect applications such as Office, DataPerfect,
etc. For those and other programs: databases, spreadsheets, etc. one can
load the PC/MS-DOS keyboard definition file KEYB SP. It has all the
diacritics needed for French, German, Italian and Spanish. But, as opposed
to FRENCH.WPK, KEYB SP does change the positions of some of the punctuation
marks. They are not very difficult to identify and adjust to.
Those using DOS KEYB xxs, other than KEYB US, can make use of FRENCH.WPK
too. But you have to start with the default KEYB US and use WordPerfect's
remapping facility to make the key layout the same as KEYB FR, KEYB CF,
KEYB SP, KEYB UK, or whatever you have been using. And that can get a little
complicated. But it would be worth the effort if you need easy access to
diacritics or symbols that are not included in the KEYB arrangement you
normally use. And, in any event, you can always flip back to WordPerfect's
standard layout by hitting Ctrl 6 or your normal KEYB by Ctrl+Alt+F2.

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