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README.WP (05/31/91)

Files changed since 12/31/90:

- WP now updates the Paper Size/Type code in the document when
you exit the Format: Paper Size/Type menu (Shift-F8,2,7) after
you have edited the current paper definition.

- A new code, [End C/A], allows you to turn off an alignment code
at a specific location on a line (Shift-F8,4,9).

- In Reveal Codes, when you place the cursor on an Attribute On
code (e.g., [Large]), the code expands to display the name of the
font used (e.g., Times Roman 12pt).

- The macro LABELS.WPM was rewritten to make label definitions
easier, and it now includes labels for dot matrix printers.

- The default for Format Retrieved Documents for Default Printer
(Shift-F1,4,4) is now "Yes."

A list of all enhancements made to WordPerfect 5.1 since its
initial release is available on a separate diskette. You can
order this disk by calling WordPerfect Orders at (800) 321-4566.