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README.UTL 05/31/91

This README file lists enhancements to the files on the Install/
Learn/Utilities diskette(s) that are not yet documented in the
Reference Manual. Dates in parentheses indicate when the
enhancement was implemented. Please refer to the README files on
the other master diskettes for additional information.

The following files have changed since the 12/31/90 release:

CONVERT.EXE (12/31/90)
The option "Mail Merge to WordPerfect Secondary Merge" now
inserts a Hard Page code [HPg] at the end of each record.
Previously, the Conversion Program inserted a Hard Return code
[HRt] at the end of each record. Note: The [HPg] is not required
for the merge to function properly.

GRAPHCNV.EXE (12/31/90)
The startup options /c=2, /c=b, and /c=w now convert color bit
mapped images to monochrome bit mapped images. This also means
you can invert these converted color images by selecting Invert
On/Off (4) in the Graphics Editor.

INSTALL.EXE (05/31/91)
The Installation Program now allows you to press Cancel (F1) or
Escape (Esc) to exit back one menu. Previously, Cancel or Escape
would take you directly to the end of the Installation Program.

INSTALL.EXE (05/31/91)
The Exit option (6) found on the Custom Installation menu no
longer ends the installation session and exits you to a DOS
prompt. Now, the Exit option will take you back to the Main
Installation menu.

INSTALL.EXE (05/31/91)
A new prompt will appear if you re-enter the Installation Program
after performing a partial Basic Installation. The Installation
Program now prompts you with the message "Basic installation was
previously interrupted. Do you want to continue with Basic
install? Yes (No)". If you answer "Yes" you are automatically
taken to the select printer screen of the Installation Program.
If you answer "No" you are left at the main Installation screen.
Previously, upon re-entering the Installation Program you were
taken directly to the select printer screen.

LABELS.WPM (05/31/91)
LABELS.WPM is rewritten to make adding and deleting label
definitions easier. The new macro also includes more sizes of
Avery labels (including labels for dot matrix printers). The
macro lets you scroll through a list of label sizes (and their
stock numbers).

TUTOR.COM (12/31/90)
The WordPerfect Tutorial is fully networkable. If you run the
WordPerfect Tutorial on a network and the user's initials cannot
be found, WordPerfect now prompts you for initials.

Previously, if Tutorial was run on a network and the user's
initials could not be found (from the environment file, from the
WordPerfect Office Notify, or from some other means), the
Tutorial supplied the initials "NNN." However, if more than one
user logged in this way, and neither user had used the startup
option /D to redirect the overflow files, WordPerfect would
delete the first user's virtual files to allow access to the
second user.

TUTOR (06/29/90)
Important Note: Numerous changes have been made to the Tutor
program. Because of the nature of some of these changes, if you
use Tutor, you will need to have the Program disk(s) and the
Install/Learn/Utilities disk(s) dated 06/29/90 or later. Running
the old Tutor with the new WP.EXE, or the new Tutor with the old
WP.EXE will cause confusing prompts in some of the lessons.

WP.LRS (05/31/91)
Support was added for two languages: Turkish (TK) and Galician

WP.PIF (WIN30-WP.PIF) (05/31/91)
WIN30-WP.PIF (the Windows 3.0 Program Information File for
WordPerfect 5.1) was renamed to WP.PIF. The memory values for
the Windows 3.0 PIF file (386 enhanced mode) have been increased.
Conventional Memory Required was increased to 384K; the previous
value was too low to start WordPerfect under low memory
conditions. EMS Memory Limit was increased to 2048K to provide
sufficient expanded memory for the /R startup option to work

A list of all enhancements made to WordPerfect 5.1 since its
initial release is available on a separate diskette. You can
order the Enhancements Disk by calling WordPerfect Orders at
(800) 321-4566.