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Thanks to PC Sources magazine for the complimentary review of
MALT that appeared in the October 1992 issue. MALT was described as
a "must . . . for those who want to use WordPerfect's macro
abilities to the fullest".

Instructions for creating a library macro in WordPerfect 6.0
have been added along with a sample library in the 6.0 macro
language. MALT also has two new startup options. Typing "MALT /F"
at the DOS command line will force MALT to install, even if it
mistakenly believes it is already resident. Use this command
sparingly, since you could install two copies of MALT. See the
documentation for further information. With the other new startup
option, you may type "MALT /R" any time for registration information
(in case you misplace the documentation).


MALT's memory usage was reduced to 480 bytes of RAM.


Version 2.0 of MALT introduced a new library feature. A number
of sub-macros may be combined in one library macro called
MALTLIB.WPM. Any of the sub-macros in the library can be
individually accessed by using the key combination ScrollLock + key,
thereby effectively adding 90 additional keys to play back macros.
Among the advantages of a library macro are the conservation of disk
space and the capacity for sharing subroutines among sub-macros.
Instructions for creating a library macro are included in MALT.DOC.
A sample library macro is also included. Version 2.0 used 512 bytes
of RAM.


Version 1.4 built on the memory improvements introduced in
version 1.3. Memory usage was reduced to 512 bytes of RAM.


Version 1.3 of MALT incorporated a major improvement in memory
usage. Memory usage was reduced to 688 bytes of RAM. The command
MALT /U was corrected to unload MALT from memory, regardless of
whether MALT was loaded in high or low memory. It was no longer
possible accidentally to load one copy of MALT into conventional
memory and another into high memory.


MALT became compatible with WordPerfect's Repeat Performance
and with other programs and device drivers that manipulate the
keyboard buffer. If you found a prior version of MALT to be
non-functional, this incompatibility would have been the most likely
cause. In addition, Quick Define was modified to operate correctly
when running WordPerfect or any of the other programs in the WPCorp
family under WordPerfect Office Shell. Prior to version 1.2
attempts to Quick Define a macro while running under Shell would
result in the initiation of a Shell macro instead of a WordPerfect


The operational portion of MALT was rewritten almost entirely
in assembly language, resulting in smaller file size and reduced
memory requirements. MALT 1.1 required 4272 bytes of memory in
contrast to the 5856 bytes of memory required by version 1.0.

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