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Version 2.2

A Program by Michael H. Shacter
10309 Parkwood Drive
Kensington, Maryland 20895

PC Sources magazine says, "For those who want to use WordPerfect's
macro abilities to their fullest, MALT is a must."

MALT (More Alt-Keys for the Perfects) is a memory resident
utility (TSR) that adds 90 new keys for running Alt-like macros in
DOS versions of WordPerfect and other DOS programs in the
WordPerfect family. To avoid conflicts with other TSRs, MALT does
not rely on the traditional shift keys (Shift/Alt/Ctrl). Instead,
MALT uses CapsLock as an auxiliary shift key: hold down CapsLock
and press a key. Unlike Alt-keys, MALT-keys are not restricted to
the letters of the alphabet. A MALT-key macro may be assigned to
almost any key on the keyboard. MALT uses a mere 480 bytes of RAM,
can be unloaded from memory, and does not interfere with the normal
operation of CapsLock.

MALT also offers a library feature. An additional 90 small
macros may be maintained in a master library called MALTLIB.WPM.
Any one of the library macros can be accessed by using ScrollLock as
an auxiliary shift key: hold down ScrollLock and press a key.
Among the advantages of a library macro are the conservation of disk
space and the capacity for sharing subroutines among sub-macros.
Instructions for creating a library macro are included in MALT.DOC.
Sample library macros for use with WordPerfect 5.1 and 6.0 are also
included with this package.

MALT works with all recent DOS versions of WordPerfect--from 4.2
through 6.0. It also works with WordPerfect Presentations for DOS,
LetterPerfect, WordPerfect Works, and should work with other DOS
programs in the WordPerfect family, too. It is compatible with
WordPerfect Shell 3.x and 4.0 and WordPerfect's Repeat Performance.
Users of WordPerfect 6.0 will appreciate MALT because Wordperfect
appropriates so many Ctrl and Alt keys for its own purposes. MALT
should also be particularly helpful for users of WordPerfect Works
and LetterPerfect (neither of which has a configurable keyboard), as
well as anyone else with a shortage of keys, including notebook
users and those without an enhanced keyboard. Finally, MALT can be
used at the DOS command line. (See the section entitled "Other Uses
for MALT" in the Manual for further information on this feature.)

Copy MALT.COM to any convenient directory on your hard drive. If
you are using WordPerfect 6.0, copy the file MALTLIB.60 to your
macros/keyboards/button bar directory and rename it MALTLIB.WPM. If
you are using WordPerfect 5.1, copy the file MALTLIB.51 to your
macro/keyboard directory and rename it MALTLIB.WPM. If--and only
if--you use a key other than Alt-F10 to run a macro or Ctrl-F10 to
define a macro, then copy the file MALTCFG.EXE to the same directory
as MALT.COM and read the section in the Manual entitled "Configuring

MALT must be loaded into memory before you run WordPefect.
Simply type MALT at the DOS command line. If you use WordPerfect
Shell, MALT must be loaded before Shell. MALT may be loaded HIGH or
LOW, from the command line or in a batch file, while running from
DOS, DESQview, OS/2, or Windows. Unload MALT by typing "MALT /U" at
the command line. See the section in the Manual entitled "Loading
and Unloading MALT" for detailed instructions.

MALT-keys operate in an analogous manner to Alt-keys. To
define a MALT-key macro first press Macro Define (Ctrl-F10), then
hold down CapsLock and press the key you wish to define. Running a
MALT-key macro is equally easy: simply hold down CapsLock and press
the applicable key. MALT also has a Quick Define feature, which is
accessed by holding down the Shift key and the CapsLock key
simultaneously, then pressing the key to be defined. MALT-key
macros may be assigned to any key on the keyboard except the shift
keys, Num and Scroll Lock, Print Screen and Pause.

MALT does not interfere with the normal operation of CapsLock
or ScrollLock, and with each use of a MALT-key, CapsLock or
ScrollLock is restored to its prior state.

Complete information about the operation of MALT may be found
in the accompanying file MALT.DOC, which is formatted as a
WordPerfect document. MALT is user supported software. There is a
$15 registration fee for personal use. If you are using MALT, I
need you to register. Businesses must secure a license. Further
information about registration is contained in MALT.DOC.

In addition to this README file, the following files are
distributed with MALT: