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In addition to MACROAID, Software by Seidman publishes several
other WordPerfect-related shareware programs. These programs are
distributed through the usual shareware channels, and you may obtain
them that way and try them before you register.

If you prefer, you can obtain the programs directly from us by
sending the license fee and $2.00 for shipping and handling. The
programs are described below, and an order form appears after the

Special rates are available for large quantities or site licenses.
Please write and ask. Or you can reach us through CompuServe, 70441,


WPTOOLS -- Utilities for WordPerfect 5.0 and 5.1

WPTOOLS is a collection of 20 utility programs for use with WordPerfect
5.0 and 5.1. At this writing, the latest version is 5.0a. The
shareware distribution available for downloading contains only 14 of
these programs; the rest are provided on registration. Note that one
of the programs, LISTMACS, is of particular interest to MACROAID users.

Here are brief descriptions of all the programs:

COMMENTS Reads a WP5 document file, extracts the comments, and writes
them to standard output.

DISKFONT Searches a directory for specified soft font files and,
optionally, lists descriptive information about the fonts it

ENDFOOT Converts all footnotes (endnotes) to endnotes (footnotes),
changing automatic references appropriately.

FIXPRE Removes deleted (and optionally other) data packets from the
prefix of WP5 document files and removes deleted data
packets from WP5 setup files (WP{WP}.SET). For document
files, this will often facilitate changing the printer
driver used with the file and shrink the file. Setup files
grow as you modify your setup; FIXPRE shrinks them again.
And FIXPRE sometimes helps when WP5 just seems to be acting
strangely. Optionally deletes styles, initial codes. Also
works with PP5 set files, and perhaps with set files from
other forthcoming WPCorp programs.

FONTFILE Lists the file names of the soft font files specified in a
PRS file.

FONTLIST Lists the names of the fonts used in a WP5 document and the
PRS file the document calls for.

IS5XDOC Identifies WP5 document files. Useful in batch files.

LISTMACS Lists the names and descriptions of macros in WPM and WPK
files (and the keys for WPK macros), optionally sorted.
Also works with PP5 macro and keyboard files.

MAKETABS Converts an ASCII text file to a WP50 document, replacing
spaces by tabs. Used with columnar material.

MASTER Reads a WP5 master document and lists the unexpanded
subdocuments it calls for.

MERGESUM Creates (or adds to) a WP50 secondary merge file, each
record containing the information from a WP5 document
summary (or, optionally, the first 400 or so characters of a
document if no summary was created), along with information
from the DOS file directory. In effect, creates a database
of document summaries that can be processed using the WP5
Merge and Sort functions, or WordPerfect's Notebook program.

PRINTIT Paginates and formats an ASCII text file for printing.

PRSFONTS Lists and optionally numbers the names of the fonts
available in a WP5 PRS file.

STYLIST Lists names and descriptions of styles, optionally sorted.

STYLEUSE Lists the styles used in the text of a document. Lists the
styles found in the prefix but not used in the document.
Optionally deletes unused (or all) styles from the prefix.
Optionally deletes style on and off codes from the text of a
document, leaving the codes added by the style.

TARGETS Lists the automatic reference targets and references in a
WP5 document file, indicating unreferenced targets and
references to nonexistent targets.

WHATPTRS Lists the printers described in ALL files, optionally sorted
by printer name.

WP5LOOK Displays one or more WP5 document files specified on the
command line (or piped to the program). Particularly
because files can be specified with wildcards, WP5LOOK may
be more convenient than WP5 itself for browsing through WP5

WPGSIZE Extracts and lists the dimensions of the image coordinate
space for WPG files. Useful in getting the aspect ratio

WPSNOOP Determines, in greater or lesser detail, the file type of
many, but not all, files associated with recent WordPerfect
Corporation products. For WP5 document files, lists the
document summary and the PRS file. For macro files, lists
the description. Optionally reveals the structure of WP5
document file prefixes and of set file prefixes.


WPMD -- The Wperf5 File Doctor

WPMD fixes sick or broken WordPerfect Version 5.x files. There are
many different symptoms of a sick or broken file. Sometimes some or
all of the text disappears, although the file size indicates that the
text should still be there. Sometimes WPerf5 fails to recognize the
file as a WPerf5 document file. Sometimes WPerf5 says there is not
enough room on the WP disk to retrieve the file, even though there is
lots of room on the disk. And sometimes other things go wrong. WPMD
can usually cure the file, creating a WPerf5 file requiring only minor



GV2WP converts GrandView files to WordPerfect 4.2 or 5.0 files. (GV2WP
is designed to work with GrandView Version 1.x, and users of Version 2
probably have no need for GV2WP.) The conversion is accomplished in a
single step (in which GV2WP calls GV2TXT, a program by the author of
GrandView, included with GV2WP). GV heading labels are converted to
WordPerfect automatic paragraph number. Underlining, bolding, and
other font attributes, and font size changes are preserved if you are
converting to WordPerfect 5.0. Category information is optionally
converted. Special codes allow drafting of footnotes in GrandView for
conversion to WordPerfect. Numerous formatting options are available.



PCOWP converts structured files produced by PC-Outline and other
outlining programs to WordPerfect 4.2 or 5.0 files. Heading labels
are converted to WordPerfect automatic paragraph numbers. With minor
preprocessing by one PCOWP option, PC-Outline underlining is
converted. Special codes can be used in your outlining program to
allow conversion of other attributes, footnotes, and other features.
Numerous formatting options are available.



WPXREF provides for WPerf4.2 the kind of automatic reference
capability that WordPerfect Corporation itself provided for WPerf5.0.
You place some simple codes in your WPerf4.2 document indicating the
cross-references you want. Just before printing the file, you run
WPXREF on the file, creating a new output file in which the codes have
been replaced by correct and up to date cross references to footnote
numbers, paragraph numbers, and page numbers. You can then revise
your original document, and run WPXREF on the revised original. The
new output file has updated the cross-references to correspond to the
changes you made in editing.



David Seidman
Software by Seidman
2737 Devonshire Pl. NW
Washington, DC 20008




³ Qty. ³ Description ³Price ³Total ³
³ ³Licensed copy(ies) of WPTOOLS ³$25.00 ³ ³
³ ³ ³ ³ ³
³ ³Licensed copy(ies) of WPMD ³ 35.00 ³ ³
³ ³ ³ ³ ³
³ ³Licensed copy(ies) of GV2WP ³ 25.00 ³ ³
³ ³ ³ ³ ³
³ ³Licensed copy(ies) of PCOWP ³ 15.00 ³ ³
³ ³ ³ ³ ³
³ ³Licensed copy(ies) of WPXREF ³ 15.00 ³ ³
³ ³ ³ ³ ³

Total: $_____.__
D.C. Residents add 6% D.C. Sales Tax: ___.__
Shipping and handling: 2.00

Total Charge: $_____.__

Make checks payable to Software by Seidman


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