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Keyboard Translator, Version 2.1

Program and documentation are
Copyright (c) March 1990 by Randall D. Jones

Keyboard Translator (KT) was originally written to overcome WP5.0's
inability to print the keystrokes and macros contained in a keyboard
substitution (.WPK) file, and continues to meet that need for version
5.1. KT reads the file indicated on the command line and writes a
WordPerfect document file containing images of the substitutions and
macros as they would appear on WordPerfect's internal macro editor

If you are a user of KT version 1.0 and you have a need to continue to
work with WP5.0 files, I suggest you rename KT.EXE (possibly to
KT50.EXE) to avoid conflicts with this newer release.

The Input ---

KT version 2.1 expects to be directed to a WP5.1 keyboard substitution
file. When specifying the file on the command line, the ".WPK" filename
extension may be omitted (example: "MACROS.WPK" will be dumped if
"MACROS" is specified). If you wish to translate a file with other than
the default extension, include it when entering the filename; to force a
blank extension, include the dot (example: "MACROS.").

The input file named on the command line will be located using the
method WP5.1 uses. If the input filespec includes drive or path
information, the specified directory is checked. If no path information
is included in the input filespec, the Keyboard/Macro directory
specified in your Setup is checked; if no Keyboard/Macro directory is
listed, the "current" directory is checked. If the input file is not
found in whichever directory is chosen using the above rules, the WP
system directory is checked for a file with the specified name.

The Output ---

KT creates a WP5.0 document, not an ASCII text file. To use KT's
output, name the file on WordPerfect's command line or Retrieve it.
No printer-dependent information is written in the file.

The document header contains the name of the substitution file in the
form used to open the file, therefore it may include more path
information than you specify on the command line. The file's date and
time are shown after the file name. The first line of each translation
shows the description as entered when a substitution is created or as
shown on the macro editor screen. The second line shows the name of the
keystroke that has been remapped. If the keystroke has been mapped to
another single keystroke, that new keystroke is also shown on the second
line and the entry is complete. If the keystroke has been mapped to a
macro, the third line is blank, and the translation of the macro's
contents begins on the fourth line of the translation. This sequence is
repeated until all mappings have been listed.

If an append is requested ("-a" on the command line), KT will insert a
[HPg] before appending the translations from the new run. If a macro is
more than one page in length, WordPerfect will insert [SPg]'s where
necessary; KT does not attempt to do pagination other than between
appended translations.

KT uses "hard spaces" within macro elements to prevent WordPerfect from
wrapping the text in the middle of an element. Since this use of hard
spaces can cause very long strings of characters, KT inserts [ISRt]
codes between macro elements to prevent WordPerfect from inflicting the
line with a [DSRt].

The Tabs ---

Several problems with tabs in macros in WP5.0 have been corrected in
WP5.1. Tabs are now set at three-column intervals and the cursor is now
(correctly) moved a minimum of only one column. As a result of the
problems in WP5.0, KT was designed to bring tab characters through to
the resulting document, where you can set tab stops wherever you please.

Because tabs are "better behaved" in WP5.1, this release of KT includes
a new tab expansion option that causes the program to translate tabs
into an appropriate number of space characters. Specifying "-t" on the
command line will cause KT to emulate the internal macro editor's three-
column tab interval. If you wish to use a different interval, you can
specify the number of columns as a part of the option invocation; for
example, "-t5" will cause KT to act on tab stops at columns 6, 11, etc.

The Syntax ---

KT {-

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