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PRODUCTS.DOC (and Site Licenses) rev. 9/'92

All of the products below may be purchased directly from the
Jerry Stern
Science Translations
P. O. Box 20234
Baltimore, Maryland 21284-0234

Visa/Mastercard registration: (410) 661-2224 (Voice & FAX)

Registration payments may be made in either US, or Canadian funds
(prices noted below for each package), and International
registration options are available, including MasterCard and
Visa. Add $2. shipping outside the U.S. and Canada. See the file
REGISTER.DOC for details.


GRAPHCAT is a macro package for WordPerfect 5.1, DOS version. The
6/90 release, or newer, is required. The macros can read any
directory and create a pictorial catalog of the graphics files it
finds. All graphics file formats supported by WordPerfect can be
inventoried and cataloged by GRAPHCAT. The default choices create
a catalog in four columns, with each image 1" tall (28 images per
page), but height and columns may be chosen manually.

NEW in version 2.1: DOS Wild Cards are supported for the
extension name. For example, choose WPG for just WP graphics, or
P* (or P??) for PCX and PCC images, or * for all files.
Non-graphics files are identified and listed at the end of the
catalog. INDX4DOS provides the features of INDEX for users of
4DOS and NDOS.

Registration of the GRAPHCAT shareware package is $10. ($CN 15.)
Registered users receive a bonus disk of Wood Clips graphics,
notification of discounted updates, and technical support as
needed for at least one year.

and THE LETTERHEAD KIT for WP/Windows, V. 2.0

The Letterhead Kit v.2.0 is a set of macros, forms, graphics, and
sample files for using in WordPerfect 5.1 for creating a
letterhead blank form, invoice, and fax transmittal/cover sheet.
Also included are the PAYME, SHIPME, and LABELME macros, which
will add payment request graphic messages, shipping instructions,
or general office information to any document. Messages include
"Your payment will be greatly appreciated," "Next Day Air," and
"Confidential." Registered users receive the newest version of

- 2 - Products.Doc -

the package, additional sample letterheads, and a printed quick
reference sheet to the macros.

NEW in version 2.0: letterheads and graphics may be shared with
the Windows version of the Letterhead Kit. The two packages will
use the same directory for their graphics, letterheads, and form
templates. The PAYME macro from version 1.0 has been joined by
the new SHIPME and LABELME macros, for a total of thirty graphic

Also NEW: A scanned signature can be added to documents with the
SIGN macro. The HELP! macro in the DOS version allows choosing
among all the macros. In the Windows version, a button bar
provides the choice, and the HELP! macro provides quick reference
and the option to install the macros on the macro menu.

The Windows version of the Letterhead Kit 2.0 requires
WordPerfect for Windows, version 5.1, interim release of 4/30/92
or later.

Registration of either Letterhead Kit shareware package is $10.
($CN 15.) Registered users receive a quick reference sheet and
visual index to the PAYME macros, a bonus disk of additional
letterheads, notification of discounted updates, and technical
support as needed for at least one year. The bonus disks are
different in each edition, but usable in both. The quick
reference form is the same for both packages.


BOOKBILD is a macro package for WordPerfect 5.1, DOS version. The
macros build pamphlets from formatted text files. Any two-across
format can be used, in either portrait or landscape mode. Pages
are rearranged into the order needed to create camera-ready copy
for bulk printing.

Registration of this shareware package is $10. ($CN 15.)
Registered users receive a bonus disk of graphics, notification
of discounted updates, and technical support as needed for at
least one year.



(Ideal for Letterhead Kit Users)
Include art to be scanned at 400 d.p.i., on white non-textured
paper, preferably a larger version than you will use in your

- 3 - Products.Doc -

letterhead. For signatures, use a black fine point felt-tip pen,
and sign several times, a few inches apart--I will send the
version that scans best. Do NOT use pencil. Each image or
signature costs $5.00. ($CN 7.) No color or photographs.

Wood Clips Graphics Collection

These graphics, in WPG format, are scanned 400 d.p.i. images of
wood cut engravings from the nineteenth century, and older. Each
disk holds up to 700K of bitmapped images (sent as a compressed
file for 360K disks), and sorted by topic. More collections will
be added; write for additional topics. Each image is only
available in one set--there are no repeats. No file names repeat,
so any set may be copied together with any other, and all file
names are descriptive--no codes. None of these images is
available elsewhere.

The images included as samples in GRAPHCAT 2.1 are from the Wood
Clips collection, as are the images on the GRAPHCAT 2.1 bonus
disk. (However, those images are NOT repeated on the disks

Each disk costs $5.00 ($CN 7.00), and are available only to
registered users of any Science Translations shareware product.
Wood Clips are not shareware. Formats other than WPG are
available by special request for $1.00 additional per set.

101-Animals 1
14 files, 617K of images.
Includes caribou, cow, donkey, goat, 5 horses, owl, 2 peacocks,
unicorn, and vulture.

102-Animals 2
15 files, 678K of images.
Includes boar, bull, chicken, deer, 3 elephants, fish, hedgehog,
2 horses, peacock, rooster, sheep, and zebra.

103-Buildings 1
8 files, 699K of images.
Includes 4 cottages, library, print shop, 2 stores.

104-People 1
12 files, 681K of images.
Includes cook, drunkard, 3 flower girls, herald, 2 jesters, 2
silhouettes, soldier, young girl.

105-Plants 1
19 files, 671K of images.
Includes a variety of bouquets, garlands, and trees, as well as
tulips, poppy, and daisy.

- 4 - Products.Doc -

Volume Discounts

All Science Translations shareware products.
Different products may be combined for discounts. All materials
normally provided to individual registered users are supplied for
each computer station.

# of copies Price per copy
5 to 25 $ 9.00 or $CN 11.50*
26 to 50 $ 8.00
51 to 99 $ 7.00
100 and above $ 6.00
*For amounts above $CN 100, calculate based on the $US amount and
the current exchange rate.

Wood Clips For each range, one-half of the amount listed for
the programs above.

Site Licenses

Site licenses include support services as provided to individual
registered users, through a designated contact person or network
administrator, or their immediate staff. Quick reference sheets
are included for each Letterhead Kit user, and permission to
create additional copies of the reference sheets, for in-house
use only, will be granted. A custom version of the product with
the organization's name, and "Registered Version: For On-Site Use
Only" will be provided. A shareware version of the product will
be provided as well, and permission to distribute the shareware
version to employees for personal use will be granted.

Review copies of all new Science Translations shareware products
are sent at no charge to the designated contact person. Site
licenses for The Letterhead Kit include both the DOS and Windows

All Shareware Packages: Currently including Graphcat 2.1 and The
Letterhead Kit 2.0 for DOS or Windows.

# of Users Price
up to 50 $ 250.00 or $CN 315.00*
up to 100 $ 450.00
up to 250 $ 1000.00
up to 500 $ 1500.00
unlimited at one site $ 2000.00

- 5 - Products.Doc -

*For amounts above $CN 100, calculate based on the $US amount and
the current exchange rate.

Wood Clips For each collection, one-half of the
amount listed for shareware programs.

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