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Archive   : FAXWPM.ZIP
Filename : README.FAX

Output of file : README.FAX contained in archive : FAXWPM.ZIP

FAX.TPL = FAX cover sheet template
FAX.WPM = FAX construction macro

README.FAX = This document

These two files are the FAX cover sheet template and macro discussed
in Vol. 4 No. 3 of _The WordPerfectionist_. They should be modified
for your company before use. Feel free to modify them to suit your
needs and use them as you wish.

To use the macro/template, place the macro (FAX.WPM) in your default
macro directory and the template in any directory you wish. Change
the appropriate line in the macro to access your copy of the template.

From within WP 5.1, press [Macro/Alt-F10], type "FAX" when prompted
for a macro name, then press [Enter]. From there just follow the