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Arthur Milholland, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Maryland Hospital
22 S. Greene Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

for the benefit of

Physicians for Social Responsibility
325 E. 25th Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Copyright (C) 1984

BibliographyPerfect is a "Freeware" product, so please
copy it and pass it on to fellow WordPerfect users.

If you like BibliographyPerfect, we would appreciate
your sending a fee (suggest $25) to PSR at the address
above (amounts over $25 tax deductible). Please let us
know if you do not have the source code and wish for us
to send it to you. We also would appreciate hearing
about any suggestions or problems that you have.


Before we go any farther, it is time for the usual


This software and documentation are sold "as is"
and without warranties as to performance or merchanta-
bility. Any statements made by any person about
this software do not constitute warranties and
shall not be relied on by the buyer in deciding whether
to purchase these programs. This program is sold with-
out any express or implied warranties whatsoever. Be-
cause of the diversity of conditions and hardware under
which these programs may be used, no warranty of fit-
ness for a particular purpose is offered. The user
is advised to test these programs thoroughly before re-
lying on them. The user must assume the entire risk
of using these programs. Any liability of seller
or manufacturer will be limited exclusively to product
replacement or refund of the purchase price.

Now let's get on to the Table of Contents:

Introduction (2)
Disk Files Supplied (3)
Running BibliographyPerfect (4)
Naming Files (4)
Defaults for File Names (5)
Aborting the Run (5)
The Text (5)
The Bibliography (6)
Editing Text and Bibliography (7)
Printing the Bibliography (7)
Error Handling (7)
Glitches and Quirks (8)
Physicians for Social Responsibility (8)


BibliographyPerfect is a bibliography program for use
in conjuction with the WordPerfect word processor.

BP will sequentially renumber references in a paper
and in its bibliography whenever new ones are added or
removed, or when blocks of text are relocated. The text
file is a standard WP document. The bibliography is a
WP merge file, so it can be adjusted to suit different
journal formats, can include annotations or comments,

and could be sorted using WP Sorter. Appropriate error
checks are performed.

WordPerfect and WordPerfect Sorter are copyrighted
programs produced by Satellite Software International.

BibliographyPerfect is written in Turbo Pascal (a co-
pyrighted program of Borland) and supplied as a DOS exe-
cutable program.

Disk Files Supplied

Bib-Perf.Com : Executable bibliography program includ-
ing both renumbering and sorting.

Bib-Perf.WP : BP Documentation, in WordPerfect format.

Bib-Perf.Doc: BP Documentation, in ASCII format.

TestBP.DIN : Sample Document INput file.

TestBP.BIN : Sample Bibliography INput file.

Bib0Sort.Pas : Source code. BP version that renumbers
text and bibliography but does not sort the final
product. This could be done by using WordPerfect
Sorter. This is supplied for those Turbo users
who want source code but do not have the Borland
ToolBox, from which the sort routine Sort.Box
is obtained.

Bib1Sort.Pas : Source code. Renumbers and sorts final
bibliography. Requires Sort.Box from Turbo Tool-
box (not supplied).

InKey.Inc : Source code. Routine from the Success
Press to permit single character input without
using .

Getfile.Inc, Bib1.Inc, Exist.Inc : Source code. Rou-
tines used to input file names, and ones used
to interact with Sort.Box.

Install.Com, Install.Dta, Install.Msg : Installation
program to customize Bib-Perf for your terminal/
monitor set-up.

Install.Doc : ASCII file documentation for Install.


Running BibliographyPerfect

First, if necessary, refer to INSTALL.DOC, run the
INSTALL program to fit Bib-Perf to your set-up.

While in DOS, you type BIB-PERF . If you have
two disk drives, it is convenient to designate drive B
as the default drive and to have BP on drive A, as you
do with WordPerfect. In that case, enter A:BIB-PERF

Next, BP will ask for the names of two document and
two bibliography files (old and new).

BP then goes to work, renumbering the text and biblio-
graphy, and then sorting the bibliography by the new num-
bers. The you should then examine the new files using
Word Perfect, and should remove the ^Z which will appear
at the end of each newly created file. Once satisfied,
you may then rename the new files to their original des-

Naming Files

WP will ask for the names of four files:

1. existing document file to be renumbered
2. new document file that results from renumbering

3. existing bibliography file, with old numbers
4. new bibliography file

Each file must have a distinct name.

If the file designated in 1 or 3 does not exist, you
will be prompted for the name until you enter a valid
name or ABORT (see below).

Any DOS 2.0 name is valid. The prefix part of the
name (up to the period) may include drive, path, and
filename. The extension is any valid string of 1-3 char-
acters (may not be null except to choose default).

Defaults for File Names

For convenience, BP provides a default extension type
for each of the four files. It will fill in that default
if you omit it. The standard defaults are:

1. DIN (for Document INput)
2. DOU (for Document OUtput)
3. BIN (Bibliography INput)
4. BOU (Bibliography OUtput)

The prefix part must be given for the first file, and
may be defaulted to the last name used for the other
three files.

The current defaults are shown below the entry line
when each name is requested.

Either the prefix name or the extension name may be
defaulted, or both. In order to default the prefix name
but not the extension, enter a period followed by the
1-3 character extension. In order to default both names,
enter only .

Aborting the Run

When asked for a file name, if you enter a string con-
sisting of more than 8 z's, the job will abort.

The Text

This is a standard WordPerfect document. Each ref-
erence number is identified by preceding it with a "["
and following with a "]", for example, [26] refers to
bibliography number 26. Other uses of brackets are valid
-- BP will identify and ignore them.

The reference numbers in this text should correspond
to references that appear in the bibliography. When new
numbers are added, they do not have to begin with the
next available integer. They can be any 4 digit positive
integer, as long as they are the same in both text and
bibliography. This means you don't have to be worried
about using a number that is already used. Just start
new entries with a number far outside the range, say,
500 or 1000. However, don't use 9999, which is reserved
(see bibliography).

Multiple occurrences of a number are permitted in the
text, so the same paper can be referenced in more than
one place.

The Bibliography

The Bibliography is in the form of a WordPerfect merge
file (see WP manual if necessary).

The first field must be the reference number which
is the same as in the text, and distinct from all other
reference numbers. Any 1-4 digit positive integer
(except 9999) is entered; it may be preceded by blanks
but must be followed immediately by the End of Field des-
ignator "^R[NL]".

Other fields contain author and source information.
This might be all contained in the second field, or bro-
ken up into separate ones for rearrangement (different
journals may require different format) during printing,
or for sorting using Word Perfect Sorter.

One or more fields may contain annotations for print-
ing or comments for you. Whether a field is printed or
not depends on selecting it using the merge feature.

Each record must end with ^E[NL], the End of Record

Maximum length of an entire record (data fields plus
comments) is about 2000 characters.

Being able to enter large integer values as reference
numbers makes it easy to be sure you are using fresh num-
bers when adding new references, because you can use num-
bers far outside the range of ones that already exist.
For example, new numbers might start with 1001, 1002,
etc. BP, of course, re-numbers them according to order
of occurrence in the text. Duplicate numbers in the bib-
liography are illegal and will cause an end of job. The
number 9999 is special and reserved to designate extra
references that have no corresponding entry in the
text. These should be edited before printing the final

A maximum of 999 references is permitted.

Editing Text and Bibliography

Word Perfect's dual file editing capability may be
quite useful in keeping text and bibliography current
with each other.

Printing the Bibliography

For complete details, see the WP manual on merge

However, I can suggest that you try constructing the
primary merge file something like this:

1. Set Margins if desired, and justification off.
2. [Margin Release] ) . . etc
3. Save this primary file and then execute the merge.

If there are bibliography items with number 9999, you
may want to change the 9's to blanks before the merge.

Note that step two puts the number out to the left,
adds a ")" after the number, and a period after each
field. Experiment to get the format you like.

Error Handling

BP works by sequentially numbering each distinct num-
ber in the text, and then going to the bibliography file
to renumber it. Seven kinds of error can occur:

1. Number in text but not bibliography. BP reports
new number. Job completes.
2. Number in bibliography, not text. BP reports old
number, sets it equal to 9999 in new bibliogra-
phy. Job completes.
3. Number in text too long. BP ignores it, job com-
4. Number in bibliography too long. Error noted. Job
5. Duplicate numbers in bibliography. Error
noted. Job aborts.
6. Non-numeric characters between [..] in text. BP
ignores. Job completes.
7. Non-numeric characters in first field of biblio-
graphy. Error noted. Job aborts.

Note that the handling of #3 and #6 is such that the use
of brackets for other than references is legitimate.

Glitches and Quirks

1. Because BP is written in Turbo Pascal, newly crea-
ted files all have a Control Z (^Z) at the end
of them. Therefore, use WP to edit the new text,
go to end of file (which will also re-format the
document if needed) and delete the ^Z.

Failure to delete ^Z's may cause WP to hang later

2. If you wish to have references appear in a differ-
ent format, use the Search/ Replace feature just
before printing. For example, instead of

[5][6] --> [5,6]
or [5][6][7] --> [5,6,7],

search on "][" and replace with ",".

However, beware this altered version cannot be fur-
ther processed by BP in case you have later revi-
sions. Use it only for printing final copies.

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Physicians for Social Responsibility is an organiza-
tion of over 30,000 physicians, dentists, and others ded-
icated to the education of professionals and the public
about the current and future consequences of nuclear arms
and nuclear war.

Physicians and other interested persons are most wel-
come to join PSR and may do so by contacting their local
office or by writing to

Physicians for Social Responsibility
639 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139


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