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Acer LP-76 WPHP2
AEG Olympia Compact RO WPDW1
AEG Olympia ESW 2000 WPDW1
AEG Olympia Laserstar 6 WPHP2
AEG Olympia NP 136-24 WPDM25
AEG Olympia NP 136 SE WPDM25
AEG Olympia NP 30 WPDM25
AEG Olympia NP 80-24 WPDM25
AEG Olympia NP 80 SE WPDM25
AEG Olympia NPC 136-24 WPDM25
AEG Olympia Startype WPDW1
AGFA Compugraphic 9400PS WPPS1
Alphacom Alphapro 101 WPDW1
Alps Allegro 24 WPDM13
Alps Allegro 24 (Additional) *
Alps ALQ200 (18 pin) WPDM13
Alps ALQ200 (24 pin) WPDM13
Alps ALQ224e WPDM13
Alps ALQ224e (Additional) *
Alps ALQ300 (18 pin) WPDM13
Alps ALQ300 (24 pin) WPDM13
Alps ALQ324e WPDM13
Alps ALQ324e (Additional) *
Alps LPX600 WPHP2
Alps P2000 WPDM13
Alps P2000 (Additional) *
Alps P2100 WPDM13
Alps P2100 (Additional) *
Alps P2400C WPDM13
Amstrad DMP 4000 WPDM14
Amstrad LQ3500 WPDM14
AMT Office Printer (Diablo) WPDM15
AMT Office Printer (IBM Color) WPDM15
Apple DMP WPDM22
Apple ImageWriter WPDM22
Apple ImageWriter II WPDM22
Apple LaserWriter WPPS1
Apple LaserWriter IINT WPPS1
Apple LaserWriter IINTX WPPS1
Apple LaserWriter Plus WPPS1
AST TurboLaser/PS WPPS1
AT&T 495 Laser Printer WPHP2
AT&T 7500S Typewriter WPDW1
Brother 2024L WPDM30
Brother HL-8e WPHP2
Brother HL-8PS WPPS1
Brother HR-15XL WPDW1
Brother HR-20 WPDW1
Brother HR-35 WPDW1
Brother HR-40 WPDW1
Brother M-1109 WPDM30
Brother M-1509 WPDM30
Brother M-1709 WPDM30
Brother M-1724L WPDM30
Brother M-1809 WPDM30
Brother M-1824L WPDM30
Brother M-1824L (Epson Additional) *
Brother M-1824L (Epson) WPDM30
Brother M-1924L WPDM30
Brother M-1924L (Epson Additional) *
Brother M-1924L (Epson) WPDM30
Brother M-2518 WPDM30
Brother Twinriter 6 WPDW1
C.ITOH F10-40 Starwriter WPDW1
C.ITOH F10-55 Printmaster WPDW1
C.ITOH ProWriter 8510 WPDM29
C.ITOH ProWriter jr. Plus WPDM29
Canon AP110 WPDW1
Canon AP800 WPDW1
Canon AP810 WPDW1
Canon AP830 WPDW1
Canon AP850 WPDW1
Canon BJ-130 WPMS1
Canon BJ-130 (NEC P7 Capsule) WPMS1
Canon BJ-130e WPMS1
Canon LBP 4 WPLA3
Canon LBP 4 (Additional) *
Canon LBP-8 A1 WPLA3
Canon LBP-8 A2 WPLA3
Canon LBP-8II (Additional) *
Canon LBP-8III (Additional) *
Canon LBP-8IIIR (Additional) *
Canon LBP-8IIR (Additional) *
Canon LBP-8IIT (Additional) *
Centronics 351 WPDM36
Centronics GLP II WPDM36
Centronics H136-1A WPDM36
Centronics PagePrinter 8 (Epson) WPLA5
Centronics PagePrinter 8 (HP) WPHP2
Citizen 120D WPDM8
Citizen 180D WPDM8
Citizen 5200 WPDM8
Citizen 5800 WPDM8
Citizen GSX 140 WPDM8
Citizen HSP-500 WPDM8
Citizen HSP-550 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-10 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-15 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-20 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-25 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-40 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-40 (Additional) *
Citizen MSP-45 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-45 (Additional) *
Citizen MSP-50 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-50 (Additional) *
Citizen MSP-55 WPDM8
Citizen MSP-55 (Additional) *
Citizen Premiere 35 WPDW1
Citizen Tribute 124 WPDM8
Citizen Tribute 124 (Additional) *
Citizen Tribute 224 WPDM8
Citizen Tribute 224 (Additional) *
Commodore MPS 1250 WPDM18
Copal Writehand 1200L WPDM31
Copal Writehand 1250 WPDM31
Copal Writehand 5900 WPDM31
Copal Writehand 6730 WPDM31
Cosmo World Adeus CP-2000 WPDW1
Daisy Systems M45-Q WPDW1
Daisywriter 2000 WPDW1
Data General 4434 WPDM37
Data General 4558 WPLA3
Data General 4590 WPDM37
Data General 6321 WPDW1
Data General 6454 WPLA3
Dataproducts 9044 WPDM35
Dataproducts LZR-1230 WPHP2
Dataproducts LZR-1260 WPPS1
Dataproducts LZR-2630 WPLA1
Dataproducts SI 480 WPMS1
Datasouth DS-220 WPDM19
Datasouth DS-400 WPDM19
Destiny LaserAct I WPHP2
Destiny PageStyler WPPS1
Diablo 620 WPDW1
Diablo 630 WPDW1
Diablo 630 ECS WPDW1
Diablo 635 WPDW1
Diablo Advantage D25 WPDW1
Diablo D80IF WPDW1
Diconix 150 WPMS1
Diconix 150 Plus WPMS1
Diconix 300w WPMS1
Digital LA100 WPDM32
Digital LA210 WPDM32
Digital LA50 WPDM32

Digital LA75 WPDM32
Digital LJ250 WPMS1
Digital LJ252 WPMS1
Digital LN03 WPLA1
Digital LN03 Plus WPLA1
Digital LN03R (ScriptPrinter) WPPS1
Digital LQP02 WPDW1
Digital LQP45 WPDW1
Digital PrintServer 40 WPPS1
DOS Text Printer WPDM3
DP-Tek LaserPort WPHP1
EiconScript WPPS1
Epson ActionPrinter L-1000 WPDM1
Epson ActionPrinter L-750 WPDM1
Epson ActionPrinter T-1000 WPDM1
Epson ActionPrinter T-750 WPDM1
Epson Apex-80 WPDM1
Epson DFX-5000 WPDM1
Epson EPL-6000 WPHP2
Epson EX-1000 WPDM1
Epson EX-800 WPDM1
Epson FX-100 WPDM1
Epson FX-1050 WPDM1
Epson FX-185 WPDM1
Epson FX-286 WPDM1
Epson FX-286e WPDM1
Epson FX-80 WPDM1
Epson FX-85 WPDM1
Epson FX-850 WPDM1
Epson FX-86e WPDM1
Epson LQ-1000 WPDM1
Epson LQ-1000 (Additional) *
Epson LQ-1010 WPDM1
Epson LQ-1010 (Additional) *
Epson LQ-1050 WPDM1
Epson LQ-1050 (Additional) *
Epson LQ-1050 (M8 ROM Additional) *
Epson LQ-1050 (M8 ROM) WPDM1
Epson LQ-1500 WPDM1
Epson LQ-2500 WPDM1
Epson LQ-2500 (Additional) *
Epson LQ-2550 WPDM1
Epson LQ-500 WPDM1
Epson LQ-500 (Additional) *
Epson LQ-510 WPDM1
Epson LQ-510 (Additional) *
Epson LQ-800 WPDM1
Epson LQ-800 (Additional) *
Epson LQ-850 WPDM1
Epson LQ-850 (Additional) *
Epson LQ-850 (M8 ROM Additional) *
Epson LQ-850 (M8 ROM) WPDM1
Epson LQ-950 WPDM1
Epson LQ-950 (Additional) *
Epson LX-80 WPDM1
Epson LX-800 WPDM1
Epson LX-810 WPDM1
Epson LX-86 WPDM1
Epson MX-100 WPDM1
Epson MX-80 WPDM1
Epson MX-80 Graftrax WPDM1
Epson MX-80 Type III WPDM1
Facit 4512 WPDM21
Facit B3100 WPDM21
Facit B3350 WPDM21
Facit P6060 WPHP2
Florida Data Office Sys 130 WPDM33
Fortis DM2210 WPDM25
Fortis DM2215 WPDM25
Fortis DM3215 WPDM25
Fortis DP600S WPHP2
Fortis DP600W WPLA1
Fortis DQ4110 WPDM25
Fortis DQ4210 WPDM25
Fortis DQ4215 WPDM25
Fortis/Dynax DH45 WPDW1
Fortis/Dynax DM1310 WPDM25
Fortis/Dynax DM2015 WPDM25
Fortis/Dynax DX15 WPDW1
Fortis/Dynax DX21 WPDW1
Fortis/Dynax DX25 WPDW1
Fortis/Dynax DX41 WPDW1
Fujitsu DL2400 WPDM10
Fujitsu DL2400 (Additional) *
Fujitsu DL2600 WPDM10
Fujitsu DL2600 (Additional) *
Fujitsu DL3400 WPDM10
Fujitsu DL3400 (Additional) *
Fujitsu DL5600 WPDM10
Fujitsu DL5600 (Additional) *
Fujitsu Dotmax 24D WPDM10
Fujitsu DX2200 (Type F) WPDM10
Fujitsu DX2200 (Type I) WPDM10
Fujitsu RX7100 WPHP2
Fujitsu RX7100PS WPPS1
Fujitsu RX7200 WPHP2
Fujitsu SP 320 WPDW1
Howtek Pixelmaster WPMS1
HP 2603A WPDW1
HP DeskJet WPMS1
HP DeskJet Plus WPMS1
HP LaserJet WPHP1
HP LaserJet (Additional) *
HP LaserJet 2000 WPHP1
HP LaserJet 2000 (Additional) *
HP LaserJet 500+ WPHP1
HP LaserJet 500+ (Additional) *
HP LaserJet IID (Additional) *
HP LaserJet IID PostScript WPPS1
HP LaserJet III (Additional) *
HP LaserJet IIP (Additional) *
HP LaserJet Series II WPHP1
HP LaserJet Series II (Additional) *
HP LaserJet+ WPHP1
HP LaserJet+ (Additional) *
HP PaintJet WPMS1
HP PaintJet XL WPMS1
HP PaintJet XL (Additional) *
HP QuietJet WPMS1
HP QuietJet Plus WPMS1
HP RuggedWriter WPDM20
HP RuggedWriter (Additional) *
HP ThinkJet WPMS1
IBM 3812 Pageprinter WPLA6
IBM 3816 Pageprinter WPLA6
IBM 4019 LaserPrinter WPLA6
IBM 4019 LaserPrinter (Additional) *
IBM 4216-30 Personal Page Printer II WPPS1
IBM 4216-31 Personal Page Printer II WPPS1
IBM 4216 Personal Pageprinter WPPS1
IBM 5216 Wheelprinter WPDW1
IBM Color JetPrinter WPMS1
IBM Color Printer WPDM3
IBM Correcting Quietwriter WPMS1
IBM Correcting Wheelwriter WPDW1
IBM PC Graphics Printer WPDM3
IBM Proprinter WPDM3
IBM Proprinter II WPDM3
IBM Proprinter III WPDM3
IBM Proprinter IIIXL WPDM3
IBM Proprinter IIXL WPDM3
IBM Proprinter X24 WPDM3
IBM Proprinter X24 (Additional) *
IBM Proprinter X24E WPDM3
IBM Proprinter XL WPDM3
IBM Proprinter XL24 WPDM3
IBM Proprinter XL24 (Additional) *
IBM Proprinter XL24E WPDM3
IBM Quickwriter WPDM3
IBM Quickwriter (Additional) *
IBM Quietwriter 7 WPMS1
IBM Quietwriter 8 WPMS1
IBM Quietwriter I WPMS1
IBM Quietwriter I (Old EPROM) WPMS1
IBM Quietwriter II WPMS1
IBM Quietwriter III WPMS1
IBM Quietwriter III (Additional) *
IBM Wheelprinter E WPDW1
IBM Wheelwriter 10 Series II WPDW1
Intel Visual Edge WPHP1
JDL-850 WPDM24
Juki 5510 WPDM26
Juki 6000 WPDW1
Juki 6300 WPDW1
Kyocera F-1000A WPHP2
Kyocera F-1010 WPHP2
Kyocera F-2010 WPHP2
Kyocera F-3010 WPHP2
Kyocera Q-8010 WPPS1
LaserImage 1000 WPHP2
LaserMaster 1000 (1000 dpi Addl) *
LaserMaster 1000 (1000 dpi) WPMS1
LaserMaster 1000 (400 dpi Addl) *
LaserMaster 1000 (400 dpi) WPMS1
LaserMaster LC2 WPMS1
LaserMaster LC2 (Additional) *
LaserMaster LX6 (300 dpi Additional) *
LaserMaster LX6 (300 dpi) WPMS1
LaserMaster LX6 (600 dpi Additional) *
LaserMaster LX6 (600 dpi) WPMS1
LaserPro Silver Express WPHP2
Mannesmann Tally MT180 WPDM16
Mannesmann Tally MT290 WPDM16
Mannesmann Tally MT910 WPHP2
NEC Colormate PS WPPS1
NEC Pinwriter CP6 WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter CP6 (Additional) *
NEC Pinwriter P2 (6302) WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P2 (6303) WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P2200 WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P2200 (Additional) *
NEC Pinwriter P2200XE WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P2200XE (Additional) *
NEC Pinwriter P3 (6302) WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P3 (6303) WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P5 WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P5 (Additional) *
NEC Pinwriter P5200 WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P5200 (Additional) *
NEC Pinwriter P5300 WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P5300 (Additional) *
NEC Pinwriter P6 WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P7 WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P9XL WPDM2
NEC Pinwriter P9XL (Additional) *
NEC Silentwriter 2 290 WPPS1
NEC Silentwriter LC-860+ WPHP2
NEC Silentwriter LC-890 WPPS1
NEC Silentwriter LC-890XL WPPS1
NEC Spinwriter 2050 WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 3510 WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 3530 WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 3550 WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 5515 WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 7715 WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 7730 WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 8815 (8800) WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 8830 (8800) WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter 8850 (8800) WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter ELF 350 WPDW1
NEC Spinwriter ELF 360 WPDW1
Nissho NP-2410 WPDM27
Nissho NP-910 WPDM27
Okidata 180 (Epson) WPDM6
Okidata LaserLine 6 WPHP2
Okidata ML 182 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 183 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 192 WPDM6
Okidata ML 192 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 192+ WPDM6
Okidata ML 192+ (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 193 WPDM6
Okidata ML 193 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 193+ WPDM6
Okidata ML 193+ (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 292 WPDM6
Okidata ML 292 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 293 WPDM6
Okidata ML 293 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 294 WPDM6
Okidata ML 294 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 320 WPDM6
Okidata ML 320 (Epson) WPDM6
Okidata ML 321 WPDM6
Okidata ML 321 (Epson) WPDM6
Okidata ML 390 WPDM6
Okidata ML 390 (Additional) *
Okidata ML 391 WPDM6
Okidata ML 391 (Additional) *
Okidata ML 393 WPDM6
Okidata ML 393 (Additional) *
Okidata ML 393C WPDM6
Okidata ML 393C (Additional) *
Okidata ML 83A WPDM6
Okidata ML 83A (w/Okigraph) WPDM6
Okidata ML 84 WPDM6
Okidata ML 84 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 92 WPDM6
Okidata ML 92 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata ML 93 WPDM6
Okidata ML 93 (IBM) WPDM6
Okidata OkiLaser 400 WPHP2
Okidata Pacemark 2410 WPDM6
Okidata Pacemark 2410 (IBM) WPDM6
Okimate 20 (IBM) WPDM6
Olivetti DM 282 (Epson) WPDM28
Olivetti DM 282 (IBM) WPDM28
Olivetti DM 292 (Epson) WPDM28
Olivetti DM 292 (IBM) WPDM28
Olivetti DY 800 WPDW1
Olivetti ETV 2700 WPDW1
Olivetti ETV 3000 WPDW1
Olivetti PG-108 WPHP1
Olivetti PG-108 (Additional) *
Olivetti TH 760S WPMS1
Panasonic KX-E7000 WPDW1
Panasonic KX-P1080i WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1091 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1091i WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1092 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1092i WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1124 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1180 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1191 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1524 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1524 (Additional) *
Panasonic KX-P1592 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1595 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P1624 WPDM7
Panasonic KX-P3131 WPDW1
Panasonic KX-P3151 WPDW1
Panasonic KX-P4450 Laser WPHP2
PostScript (Additional) *
Primage 90-GT WPDW1
Printronix S7024 WPDM34
QMS Big Kiss WPLA1
QMS ColorScript 100 Model 30 WPPS1
QMS JetScript WPPS1
QMS Kiss Plus (Module 20/30) WPLA1
Qume CrystalPrint Publisher WPPS1
Qume CrystalPrint Series II WPHP2
Qume CrystalPrint WP WPLA1
Qume Letter Pro PLUS WPDW1
Qume ScripTEN WPPS1
Qume Sprint 11/55 PLUS WPDW1
Ricoh PC Laser 6000/PS WPPS1
Ricoh PC LASER 6000 WPLA2
Roland PR-1012 WPDM7
Roland PR-1111 WPDM7
Roland PR-1112 WPDM7
Roland PR-1212A WPDM7
Roland PR-1212AL WPDM7
Roland PR-1215 WPDM7
Roland PR-1250 WPDM7
Roland PR-1550 WPDM7
Roland PR-2017 WPDW1
Roland PR-2022 WPDW1
Roland PR-2450 WPDM7
Roland PR-2450 (Additional) *
Roland Raven LP-1100 WPHP2
Roland Raven PR-2417 WPDM7
Roland Raven PR-9101 WPDM7
Roland Raven PR-9104 WPDM7
Seikosha SK-3000AI WPDM11
Seikosha SL-230AI WPDM11
Seikosha SL-80AI WPDM11
Seikosha SL-80AI (IBM) WPDM11
Seikosha SL-80IP WPDM11
Seikosha SP-1000I WPDM11
Seikosha SP-1600AI WPDM11
Seikosha SP-2000 WPDM11
Sharp JX-730 WPMS1
Silver-Reed EXP 500 WPDW1
Silver-Reed EXP 550 WPDW1
Silver-Reed EXP 800 WPDW1
Silver-Reed EZ 50 WPDW1
Smith Corona XE 6100 WPDW1
Standard Printer WPDM3
Standard Typewriter WPDM3
Star Gemini-10X WPDM9
Star Gemini-10X PC Printer WPDM9
Star LaserPrinter 8 WPHP2
Star NB-15 WPDM9
Star NB-15 (Additional) *
Star NB24-10 WPDM9
Star NB24-10 (Additional) *
Star NB24-15 WPDM9
Star NB24-15 (Additional) *
Star ND-15 WPDM9
Star NL-10 (IBM) WPDM9
Star NR-15 WPDM9
Star NX-10 1.x ROM WPDM9
Star NX-10 2.x ROM WPDM9
Star NX-1000 WPDM9
Star NX-1000 II WPDM9
Star NX-1000 Rainbow WPDM9
Star NX-1500 WPDM9
Star NX-2400 WPDM9
Star NX-2400 (Additional) *
Star NX-2410 WPDM9
Star NX-2410 (Additional) *
Star NX-2415 WPDM9
Star NX-2415 (Additional) *
Star PowerType WPDW1
Star SG-10 (IBM Mode) WPDM9
Star XB-2410 WPDM9
Star XB-2415 WPDM9
Star XR-1000 WPDM9
Star XR-1500 WPDM9
Syntrex PC Writer WPDW1
Talaris 1590-T WPLA4
Talaris 1590-T (Additional) *
Talaris 800 WPLA4
Talaris T810 WPLA4
Talaris T811/3 WPLA4
Tandy DMP 107 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 130 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 132 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 2100 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 2100P WPDM12
Tandy DMP 2102 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 2110 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 2120 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 2120 (Additional) *
Tandy DMP 300 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 430 WPDM12
Tandy DMP 440 WPDM12
Tandy DWP 230 WPDW1
Tandy DWP 520 WPDW1
Tandy LP 1000 WPLA5
Tektronix 4693DX WPPS1
Tektronix Phaser CP WPPS1
Texas Instruments 855 WPDM5
Texas Instruments 857 WPDM5
Texas Instruments 865 WPDM5
Texas Instruments 875 WPDM5
Texas Instruments 877 WPDM5
Texas Instruments 880 WPDM5
TI microLaser (PostScript) WPPS1
TI OmniLaser 2015 (HP Plus) WPHP2
TI OmniLaser 2106 WPPS1
TI OmniLaser 2115 (13 Fonts) WPPS1
TI OmniLaser 2115 (35 Fonts) WPPS1
TI OmniLaser 2115 (HP Plus) WPHP2
Toshiba ExpressWriter 301 (IBM2 Set) WPDM4
Toshiba ExpressWriter 301 (USA) WPDM4
Toshiba ExpressWriter 311 (IBM2 Set) WPDM4
Toshiba ExpressWriter 311 (USA) WPDM4
Toshiba P1340 WPDM4
Toshiba P1350 WPDM4
Toshiba P1351 WPDM4
Toshiba P1351 (Additional) *
Toshiba P321 WPDM4
Toshiba P321 (IBM Graphics) WPDM4
Toshiba P321SL (IBM2 Set) WPDM4
Toshiba P321SL (USA) WPDM4
Toshiba P321SLC (IBM2 Set) WPDM4
Toshiba P321SLC (USA) WPDM4
Toshiba P341e WPDM4
Toshiba P341e (IBM Graphics) WPDM4
Toshiba P341SL (IBM2 Set) WPDM4
Toshiba P341SL (USA) WPDM4
Toshiba P351 WPDM4
Toshiba P351C WPDM4
Toshiba P351SX (IBM2 Set) WPDM4
Toshiba P351SX (USA) WPDM4
Toshiba PageLaser12 (HP Emulation) WPHP2
Triumph/Adler VSP 500 WPDW1
Xerox 2700 II WPLA6
Xerox 2700 II (Additional) *
Xerox 3700 WPLA6
Xerox 4045 WPLA6
Xerox 4045 (Additional) *
Xerox Memorywriter 6018 WPDW1

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Filename : INSTALL.LST

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: