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Hypertext information organizer; creates WinHelp, QuickHelp, and OS/2 IPFC help files.
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Hypertext information organizer; creates WinHelp, QuickHelp, and OS/2 IPFC help files.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Xantippe - The Information Structuring Workbench

XANTIPPE.EXE - The executable.
XANTIPPE.SYM - The symbol table.
XANTIPPE.XAN - An example data file. The data file was used
to create the help system for Xantippe.
XANTIPPE.HLP - The Xantippe help file.
README.TXT - A Read Me File.

What's New: April 1993

1) Create OS/2 2.0 IPF files for OS/2 help.

2) Create RTF Document file. Export the Xantippe project to an RTF file
organized linearly.

3) Create Text Document file. Export the Xantippe project to a Text file
organized linearly.

4) Search functions. Ability to do a search for any text phrase in the
Xantippe project. Ability to search for a text phrase in the name
of any card. Ability to do keyword searches.

5) New Build Dialog. When build function is invoked a new dialog will
prompt the user to specify the name of the help file to create and
the help compiler to use.

6) Support for creating a single WinHelp file from multiple Xantippe
project file. When WinHelp build is invoked and multiple Xantippe
projects are loaded the user will be prompted as to whether to
combine the Xantippe projects into a single WinHelp file.

7) Ability to remove card ids from final help file. See Preferences.

8) Quick browser update that does not show hyperlinks from text cards
to other cards in the system. See Preferences.

9) Support for Windows 3.1 WinHelp. Xantippe will create RTF, HPJ, and
H files for the Windows 3.1 help compiler. Unfortunately SHG files
must be created outside of Xantippe with the Hot Spot Editor (SHED.EXE)
and referenced in text cards with the bmc,bml,and bmr commands. Use
the symbolic names for cards in the .H file when creating links with
the Hot Spot editor. If you have to create help files for Windows 3.0
WinHelp or OS/2 2.0 (which don't recognize SHG files), Xantippe will
automatically convert SHG files referenced in text cards to BMP files.

10) New link type: HyperMacro. Used in Windows 3.1 WinHelp to execute
a command. Macro is assigned to link with Modify command. The Macro
is changed by changing the text comment associated with the hyperlink.

11) Ability to Modify hyperlink properties. The type of hyperlink can
be changed and a text comment (HyperMacro) can be associated with
the link.

What's New: January 1992

1) Xantippe can now create the HPJ and cross-reference header file for
Windows Help. Using the Build command you can create these files
and run the help compiler from within Xantippe.

2) Xantippe can create data files for the QuickHelp compiler, helpmake.
You can either create the file with a Save As and run the compiler
yourself or use the Build command to create the QuickHelp data file
and run the compiler.

3) Xantippe can read RTF files. Using the Open command you have the option
of opening a Xantippe data file or RTF data file. Each page in the RTF
file is placed in its own text card. You must have hard page breaks or
the whole document will appear in one text card. Once you have exported
your Xantippe project to RTF, you cannot re-read the project back
into Xantippe. If you do, you will lose the network structure.

4) Under the Project menu there is a new Preferences option. From this
option you can set whether card ids are to be displayed and edited as
hex or decimal values. You can also set a flag to decide if you should
be prompted to rename a card when you create it.

5) You can now use the cards in the browser when linking. When you create
a link you can now click on the name of the card in the browser as well
as the cards window. Remember cards that are underlined in the browser
are just placeholders and are not "real" cards, therefore you cannot
click on these card names to create a link.

6) When referencing bitmaps from within a text card the backslashes before
the curly brackets are no longer needed and should be removed.
What was:
\\\{bml MYBITMAP.BMP\\\}
Should now be:

7) Xantippe will automatically create a backup of an old project before
writing a new project over it. The backup will have the extension BAK.

I'd appreciate any feedback or bug reports. I am currently trying to
improve the online documentation so any comments on the documentation
would be greatly appreciated.

Xantippe has not been completely tested with double byte character sets
i.e. Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. If you have any problems running
with a double byte character set please report the problem to
IRIS Media Systems.

If you find this program useful, please register it! Refer to program
for online documentation and inforamtion on how to register.

If the text in the text cards is too small, you can change
the font height from the 'template.dat' file. This is not documented
and you do this at your own risk. Make sure you have a backup
of the 'template.dat' file in case something goes wrong. If you
delete the 'template.dat' file, Xantippe will re-create a default

Rodney S.K. Lai

IRIS Media Systems
1684 Locust St. Suite #125
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Tel: +1 510 256 4673
Fax: +1 510 256 6353
CompuServe: 76547,706
AOL: RodneyLai
InterNet: [email protected]

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