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Misc printer definitions for WPerfect 5.0.
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Misc printer definitions for WPerfect 5.0.
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Contents of the WPSG10.DOC file

The printers in WPSG10.ALL are included for the following reasons:

Citizen 120D -- Final revised and tested version uploaded to replace file
uploaded for J. Daniel Gubler.

Diablo 630/630 ECS -- Uploaded to replace WPSG.ARC.

Diablo Single/Dual/Envelope (Sheet Feeder) -- Uploaded in conjunction with
Diablo 630/630 ECS.

Diconix 150 -- Uploaded to replace WPSGQ.ARC.

Epson FX-80/100 -- Most current and modified driver. Microspacing in High
Text Quality has been disabled and AFC's are hard coded (Italics will work
correctly). Replaces WPSG6.ARC and WPSG9.ARC.

Epson FX-85/286 -- Uploaded to replace WPSG1.ARC.

HP Deskjet -- Uploaded to replace WPSG1.ARC.

IBM Wheelprinter -- New driver.

IBM Wheelprinter E -- New driver.

NEC Pinwriter P2/P3 (6302) -- Uploaded to replace WPSG1.ARC.

NEC Pinwriter P2/P3 (6303) -- Uploaded to replace WPSG1.ARC.

NEC Pinwriter P5 -- Has new cartridge defined and has been separated from the
P6/7. Replaces WPSG4.ARC.

NEC P5 (Sheet Feeder) -- Uploaded in conjunction with NEC Pinwriter P5.

NEC Pinwriter P6/P7 -- Uploaded to replace WPSG4.ARC.

QMS Kiss -- Uploaded to replace WPSG1.ARC and WPSG3.ARC.

Star NB24-15 -- New / Modified driver.

Tandy DMP 130 -- Uploaded to replace WPSG4.ARC.

Toshiba P321/351/351C -- Uploaded to replace WPSG.ARC.

All of these drivers are in PTR.EXE format 1.1 and require a PTR program
dated after 06/27/88 to edit them. They will work with any version of WP5.0.
See PTREXE.ARC for further information.

The WPSG10.ALL file can be accessed in WP5.0 by the keystrokes Shift-
F7,s,2,2. You will be prompted for the path to the file. Enter the path and
selection is normal from this point. Make sure that you either delete,
renamed, or replace the old .prs file with the new printer selection.

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