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WPGRAB 1.6 lists the most recently updated files of a directory and allows you to select one for editing with your word processor. It is set up for the Word Perfect, but will also work for others.
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WPGRAB 1.6 lists the most recently updated files of a directory and allows you to select one for editing with your word processor. It is set up for the Word Perfect, but will also work for others.
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Contents of the WPGRAB.DOC file


P A T R I Q U I N ' S

Word Processing File Selection Aid


Norm J. Patriquin

User's Guide

Patriquin's BBS -- 714-369-9766

March 1, 1988

Copyright 1987 by Norm Patriquin

Table of Contents

WPGRAB -- Select file for Word Processing activity . . . . . . . 1

Command Parameters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Supplied DOS batch files . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Registering WPGRAB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

WPGRAB 1.6 Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Reporting Problems with WPGRAB 1.6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Maintenance Log . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

WPGRAB -- Select file for Word Processing activity

For some time now I have wanted a facility in Word Perfect1 to allow me
to continue processing either the last document I was working with or
one of the more recent ones. I sometimes lose track of what I have
named files and have to go searching through directories looking to find
the ones I need.

This utility was developed to make my life easier. Maybe it can benefit
you too. WPGRAB simply scans the DOS directory to locate the most
recently updated files. It then presents them to you so you can review
and select a file from them to process. Once you have selected a file,
WPGRAB places a command with the filename in it in a DOS batch command
file to be executed. The following batch file is an example of its

Batch file named WPS.BAT. A typical use would be to just type in WPS
and let it do the work, but you might also give it a filename pattern
and qualify its search.

echo off
wpgrab %1 /C:\perfect\wp
if errorlevel 2 goto error

Assume we started WPGRAB with the WPS command. WPGRAB scanned the
directory and found the most recent files to processed. It then
displays a screen displaying the following information.

1 Word Perfect is a registered trademark of Word Perfect


WPGRAB 1.6 Copyright 1987 by: Norm Patriquin
List of the 15 most recently updated files. Use /h for HELP
A -- PCOPY.MAS 11SEP87 6:29a 931
B -- ALTF.MAC 11SEP87 6:32a 7
C -- L.BK! 13SEP87 1:49p 931
D -- L.LTR 13SEP87 2:01p 1052
E -- X.BK! 13SEP87 2:02p 931
F -- PS.BK! 13SEP87 2:21p 959
G -- PS.LTR 13SEP87 2:28p 987
H -- PDISK.BK! 13SEP87 2:32p 1320
I -- PDISK.LTR 13SEP87 2:38p 1332
J -- PCOPY.LTR 13SEP87 2:43p 943
K -- PPRINT.BK! 13SEP87 3:09p 820
L -- PPRINT.LTR 13SEP87 3:11p 846
M -- X 13SEP87 3:12p 846
N -- WPSELTMP.BAT 17SEP87 10:12p 20
O -- {WP}BACK.1 17SEP87 10:30p 11844

Press a letter to select a file from the list, to exit, or
to select the most recent file ({WP}BACK.1)

Waiting for your selection...


WPGRAB now waits for you to select the file to be processed.

. Press to automatically select the most recent file found in
the directory. This is the filename at the bottom of the list.

. Press a letter from A to O to select one of the files shown on the
display. These files are listed sorted by date and time in
ascending order.

. Use the up and down arrow keys to select the file to process. Then
press the key to begin processing.

. Press to terminate the process and not select any file.

. Press to start the command without a filename.


WPGRAB can actually be used for interfacing to any command that accepts
individual filenames as input. Consider using it for editors, listers,
word processors, and other utilities.

Command Parameters

WPGRAB has a few simple command parameters to modify its operation.
Here is how they operate:


WPGRAB [fspec] [/C:xxxx] [/L] [/D] [/H] [/X]
[/SS] [/SC] [/SV] [/SA]

[fspec] Enter the DOS file specification for the directory and
file names to be searched. If no directory name is
specified the current directory will be searched.

/C:xxx WPGRAB normally builds a WP command followed by the
pathname/filename selected. If you desire to use WPGRAB
for another utility, specify the -C command parameter
followed by the command to be used. This can also be
used to specify a pathname to locate a command in.


The above example would start the WP command from
the \perfect\ directory.


The above command would use the DOS delete command
to delete the file specified.

/L The /L parameter has no other values to specify. It
simply causes WPGRAB to select the most recent file
processed and not ask the user to select a file. It
would be used when you know you want the most recent file


/D WPGRAB normally builds a DOS batch file with the command
to be executed. A more efficient way to start the
command is to start it while WPGRAB is still active.
This is what the /D parameter causes WPGRAB to do.

The disadvantage here is that about 30K of memory will be
used by WPGRAB and will not be available to your word
processor. If you have plenty of memory, this is the
most efficient way to process.

/H Causes WPGRAB to display help information.

/SS The input pattern name will be used as a soundex search
argument to locate files to list. A soundex search is an
algorithm to find words that sound like the word entered.
For example, if you specify a pattern name of TOM*, a
filename of THOM, TOOM, or TIM would also be returned.
This is great for locating filenames when you do not know
the exact spelling.

/SV As the directory is searched, the filenames are compared
without the vowels in the pattern or the directory
filename. In this way, if you slightly misspell a
filename, it may still be located.

/SC Instead of comparing for an exact match on the pattern
name, WPGRAB will show any filename that contains all the
characters in the pattern supplied. For example, if
WPGRAB DISK was entered, the following files would be


/SA Processes as if /SS, /SV and /SC were all specified to
list the most possible matches to the pattern name

/X eXempt -- Files with the following extensions will not
be presented for selection when this parameter is
specified; .EXE .ARC .COM .LIB .OBJ .BAK .BK!

Supplied DOS batch files

The following .BAT files are provided with WPGRAB as examples and to get
you started as soon as possible.


Use the WPL command to automatically select the last file
processed and invoke your word processor or other application
to process it. You will not get a chance to select a file to

echo off
rem Automatically starts the word processor for the
rem most recent file in the directory.
wpgrab %1 /C:\perfect\wp /l /X
if errorlevel 2 goto error


echo off
rem Lists 15 most recent files and allows you to select
rem for processing. If no file is selected processing is
rem terminated.
wpgrab %1 /C:\perfect\wp/x
if errorlevel 2 goto error

Registering WPGRAB

WPGRAB is distributed under the Shareware concept. This makes them it
available for anyone to try without obligation. If you decide it is
useful and want to keep it, I ask that you register your use of it.
This will allow for continued support and maintenance of the program and
will help to encourage that more quality software be made available
through this method. I ask all corporate and government users register
their copies.

The form on the following page indicates registration costs and may be
used to register any or all of the utilities.

Send registration requests to:

Norm Patriquin
P.O. Box 8263
San Bernardino, CA 92412

The registration charge is a one time fee that entitles you to all
future versions of the program. These may either be obtained from
normal Shareware sources or directly from me.

WPGRAB 1.6 Registration
Please register the following utilities. I have enclosed the fees as
marked below.

_____ PALERT - Notify you when disk space is low.... $15.00
_____ PATTR - Modify file attributes................ $10.00
_____ PCOPY & PMOVE - like a super DOS copy......... $15.00
_____ PDAILY - execute a program once a day......... $10.00
_____ PDELETE - like super DOS erase facility....... $15.00
_____ PPRINT - extensive printing of text files..... $15.00
_____ PSEARCH - find files and text search.......... $15.00
_____ WPGRAB - start a command with recent filename. $15.00
_____ PTOUCH - modify files date and time........... No Charge
_____ ARCFDATE - modify dates on .ARC type files.... $15.00

_____ Users Guide for all utilities and disk........
(Does not include registration) $15.00

_____ Registration of all Patriquin Utilities with
program disk and User's Guide.............. $45.00

_____ Update of newest Patriquin Utility disk with
manual. ................................... $15.00


Name: ________________________________________________________

Company: _____________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________


City: __________________________ State: ________ Zip: ________

I learned about the utilities from: ____________________________

If BBS indicate name and number please._________________________


Please register the software under the following name:


Send to: Norm Patriquin
P.O. Box 8263
San Bernardino, CA 92412

Reporting Problems with WPGRAB 1.6
I welcome all comments or enhancement suggestions. Please document each
item clearly and provide printed examples if possible. Please be sure
to include this form with all requests, it will help to make sure we can
provide you with the best possible service.

Name: _______________________________________________________

Company: ____________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________


City: __________________________________ State: _______________

Zip: ______________________________

Telephone: _______ / ________________________ (Home / Work)

Date: _________________________

Name and version of Utility: ___________________________________

Description of problem or enhancement:





Suggested solution:



Maintenance Log

17SEP87 NJP 1.0 program developed

20SEP87 NJP 1.1 corrected bug and improved performance

26SEP87 NJP 1.2 Added day of week to display

29SEP87 NJP 1.3 Added -X to exclude .ARC .EXE .COM

08OCT87 NJP 1.4 Add selection bar

30OCT87 NJP 1.4 Save directory on -d option

22FEB88 NJP 1.5 Add .BK! and .BAK to exclude from -x

23FEB88 NJP 1.5 correct soundex. add /S1 /S2 /S3

29FEB88 NJP 1.6 Make new help. Add /S4 make parms /
Change special searches to /SS /SV /SC /SA


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