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Word Perfect 5.0 Mouse Driver for Logitech Mouse.
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Word Perfect 5.0 Mouse Driver for Logitech Mouse.
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Contents of the WP.DOC file

LOGITECH Mouse Driver for WordPerfect v5.0
by John Torrico

This mouse driver is provided free of charge. Please feel free to make
additions as you would like.
The driver works fairly simply. All movement of the mouse is
converted into the equivalent cursor movement. The left button is always ENTER.
All three buttons pressed together will give a hard ESCAPE. The middle button
is the "menu selection key". There are two menus that make up the driver; the
first being the Function Key selector. When pressed, it will display F1 thru
F12 across the top. It does not matter what kind of keyboard you use, F11 is
just an additional "Reveal Codes" key and F12 functions as "Block On/Off". The
second menu is the numbers 0 thru 9 and "Y","N" and "=". These characters will
allow you to answer almost every prompt (after all, you will have to use the
keyboard SOMETIMES!... It IS a word processor...). The right button is a "soft"
enter; it should be used for the second menu selections because the driver
works just a little faster than WordPerfect and by using the left key, it will
sometimes "push" and ENTER where you do not want one. Using the Right button
will prevent this.
There is a certain amount of automatic menu choice detection built-in
to the driver. In MOST cases when you press the Middle button, the appropriate
menu will come up. There are a couple of cases where this will not happen; such
as when in "Block On" or in "Reveal Codes". The way to get around this is to
"push" the right menu... At any time you can call up either menu by pressing
both the middle key and the left key for the Function Key Menu or the middle
key and the right key for the Number Menu. Pressing the right and the left keys
together will give an ENTER just like the left key alone.
As it is written, the driver works as follows:

Left Button is always ENTER
Middle Button is the menu selection key
Right Button is a "soft" ENTER for menu choices
Left & Middle together for the "Function Key Menu"
Middle & Right together for the "Prompt Choices Menu"
Left & Right together is always ENTER
All three pressed together is always ESCAPE


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