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Word Perfect macros used with HP laser.
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Word Perfect macros used with HP laser.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
6LPI.MAC 5 5 stored
8LPI.MAC 5 5 stored
CAPS.MAC 10 10 stored
CLR.MAC 3 3 stored
COPY1.MAC 12 12 stored
COPY10.MAC 13 13 stored
COPY2.MAC 12 12 stored
COPY3.MAC 12 12 stored
COPY4.MAC 14 14 stored
COPY5.MAC 12 12 stored
DP.MAC 8 8 stored
ENV.MAC 82 66 deflated
ENVELOPE.MAC 17 17 stored
F1.MAC 8 8 stored
F10.MAC 43 39 deflated
F2.MAC 8 8 stored
F3.MAC 8 8 stored
F4.MAC 8 8 stored
F5.MAC 8 8 stored
F6.MAC 8 8 stored
F7.MAC 6 6 stored
F8.MAC 6 6 stored
FN.MAC 22 22 stored
LABEL.MAC 39 39 stored
LTR.MAC 19 11 deflated
MACRO.DOC 7411 2749 deflated
MAKE.MAC 17 17 stored
NARROW.MAC 17 17 stored
RESET.MAC 9 9 stored
SMALL.MAC 10 10 stored
TOP.MAC 60 52 deflated
UFN.MAC 21 21 stored
WIDE.MAC 30 30 stored

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Contents of the MACRO.DOC file


Since writing the "Affordable Laser Printing" article which appeared in
the January, 1986 issue of Legal Economics, I have converted to Word-
Perfect version 4.1 -- which I use almost exclusively with the HP Las-
erjet F-cartridge (HP order #92286F). This cartridge gives a superior-
looking proportional type compared to the B-cartridge, and has a much
wider variety of symbols available. Consequently, you will find that
all of the macros on this disk are WordPerfect 4.1 macros. Those that
are specific to the F-cartridge are marked with a "*".

I have given a brief explanation of each macro below. While I am happy
to donate these macros to you, I am not in a position to offer Word-
Perfect consulting services. If you have not already discovered how to
create and use macros from the WordPerfect manual, I hope you will take
a few minutes to do so. Macros are one of the most powerful and
versatile of the program; so any time spent learning about them will be
amply repaid many times over by the time they save you in the future.
You shouldn't have any trouble modifying the macros to suit your own
firm's requirements.

C. Rudy Engholm
Creative Solutions, Inc.
230 Collingwood, Suite 250
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
January 20, 1986

Spacing & Page Formatting Macros

WIDE Resets WIDE margins to 14, 104 -- which are normal for
readable text on 8.5x11" paper using the F-cartridge.
Consists of [margins 14, 104].

TOP *Creates normal TOP of page settings for an 8.5x11" page with
justified text and page numbers centered at bottom of page.
Consists of [font 14*,1] [6 lines/inch] [right just on]
[margins 14,104] [tabs 14,17,20] [Hotzone 3,0] [hyphenation
on] [page length 66,61] [top margin 4] [page number position

6LPI Sets 6 lines/inch spacing mode.

8LPI Sets 8 lines/inch spacing mode.

FN *Use this macro before a FOOTNOTE to set up for justified
text using the small font with 8 line/inch spacing. Consists
of [font 17*,4] [8 lines/inch] [right just on] [magins

UFN *To end the footnote (i.e., UN-footnote) and return to normal
settings as used in the TOP macro. Consists of [Hrt] [font
14*,1] [6 lines/inch] [margins 14, 104].

F1 *FONT 1 Times Roman proportional text. Consists of [font

F2 *FONT 2 italic proportional text. Consists of [font 14*,2].

F3 *FONT 3 Helvetica 14 point proportional text. Consists of
[font 14*,3].

F4 *FONT 4 footnote 8 point proportional text. Consists of
[font 17*,4].

F5 *FONT 5 portrait mode "line printer light" non-proportional
text. Consists of [font 17,5].

F6 *FONT 6 courier non-proportional text. Consists of [font

LTR Sets default font, skips down to line 9 and inserts today's
date. May need to change this if your letterhead is longer
than 8 lines. Consists of [font 14*,1] [advance to line 9]

HTS Change HARD-TO-SOFT carriage returns. Typically used when
converting an ASCII file imported from another computer or
word processing program into internal WordPerfect format.
Searches for each hard carriage return and prompts whether to
convert it to a soft return. Press [F1] key to cancel at any

CAPS Converts current line to all CAPS. Position the cursor on a
line to convert to upper case & run this macro. Sure beats
doing it by hand.

CLR CLEAR the current document (i.e., delete it from the screen).
Doesn't affect any stored copies.

Macros that contain special command strings for the HP Laserjet

RESET *RESETS the Laserjet back to its default settings. Consists
of [Cmd <27>E].

MAKE *To MAKE an envelope from the name/address on a letter
document. Manually position cursor on first character of the
name in the name & address block. Grabs that line and
subsequent 4 lines of text, stores it via a block text copy,
switches to the "other document", and calls the ENV macro.
Once you have done this, you may print the new document to
get the envelope.

ENV *Inserts the Laserjet command string to use the internal 10-
pitch courier type in landscape mode, resets margins for
envelope, then recalls the stored text (which should consist
of the desired name and address). Will always output 1 blank
sheet before and after envelope because of change from
portrait to landscape mode, and then because default paper
feed source set back to the paper try. Sets manual feed mode
and prompts with blinking "PE" to remind you to hand-feed #10
envelopes sideways. Clears manual envelope feed mode when
finished. Consists of [Home] [Home] [UpArrow] [Cmd
<27>&l1O<27>(8U<27>(s0p10h12v0s0b3T] [<27>&l3H] [Hrt] [mar-
gins 60,120] [advance to line 37] [Home]
[Home] [DownArrow] [CMD<27>&l1H].

LABEL *To make a mailing label from the name/address on a letter
document. Manually position cursor on first character of the
name in the name & address block. Grabs that line and
subsequent 4 lines of text, stores it as a block text copy,
switches to the "other document", and positions the infor-
mation correctly for the typical 3x4" gummed pre-printed
labels. Once you have done this, you may put the Laserjet
into manual feed mode, and print the document to get the
label. Positions the label text on line 8, column 70 for

COPY1 *Insert at the beginning of your document so it will reset
the Laserjet to print 1 COPY when sent. Typically, you would
use this to reset after printing multiple copies. Consists
of [Cmd <27>&l1X].

COPY2 *Insert code to set Laserjet for printing 2 COPIES of each
page. Consists of [Cmd <27>&l2X].

COPY3 *Same as COPY2 for 3 copies.

COPY5 *Same as COPY2 for 5 copies.

COPY10 *Same as COPY10 for 10 copies.

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