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WordQwik 1.0 tells you which of two or more similar words is correct. It can help you decide when to use "it's" or "its", "too" or "to", etc.
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WordQwik 1.0 tells you which of two or more similar words is correct. It can help you decide when to use “it’s” or “its”, “too” or “to”, etc.
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Contents of the WORDQWIK.DOC file


Abraxas Research
21110 S. E. Salmon Street
Gresham OR 97030

WordQwik is a breeze to use. Simply type WordQwik at the DOS
prompt or use your DOS shell program from within your word
processor. The menu of confusing words will appear in the
center of your screen. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll
through the words. When you have found the pair or triplet that
you are interested in, type the Insert key. You will be taken to
the explanation screen, which explains the differences between the
words and uses them in illustrative sentences.

When you're finished with the explanation screen, typing any key
will return you to the opening menu, from which you may either
select other words or exit to return to DOS or your word

WordQwik was written by William Erdman (Erdman the Wordman), Ph.D.
William Erdman has been teaching college writing at all levels for
more than 20 years, and WordQwik as well as other Abraxas writing
software arises from his experience helping writers improve their

Because WordQwik uses ANSI graphics, it is possible that the
display of the highlighted cursor will not display on your
monitor if you do not have ANSI.SYS (or equivalent) installed. If
you do not see a highlighted cursor at the word menu, you
probably need to install the ANSI driver.

To do this, you need to modify your initial configuration file,
config.sys. Using any ASCII editor, add the following line into
this file:


Then save the Config.sys file, reboot the computer and WordQwik should
run correctly.


WordQwik is Shareware - it is not free. You may copy it and
distribute it as you choose, so long as you don't modify it. But
if you use it consistently, you should pay for it.

Registration is only $9.95. It helps to pay for the development
and distribution of this software, as well as encouraging
software developers to continue to produce products for your
evaluation. 373

What you get when you register WordQwik:

* the complete version of WordQwik, which contains more
than three times more entries than the Shareware

* macros to access WordQwik from both WordPerfect(c) 5.1 and
WordStar(c) 5.5.

* no final, annoying registration screen

* free updates and expansions

* notification of other writing-help software as it is

To receive your registered, expanded version of WordQwik, you may
either simply send a check for $9.95 to Abraxas Research, 21110
S. E. Salmon St., Gresham, OR 97030. Or you may type
"FORM" from the DOS prompt in order to print out a
registration form. (Make sure your printer is turned on.)

With registration, you also get phone support for questions,
comments or modifications to WordQwik. The support number is
supplied with the registered version of WordQwik.

Files in this program:

WORDQWIK.EXE WordQwik program
WORDQWIK.DOC WordQwik documentation (ASCII)
REGISTER.FRM The registration form (ASCII)
FORM.BAT A batch program to print the registration form

Although WordQwik has been throoughly tested, Abraxas Research
cannot be responsible for any damages that may result from using
WordQwik. Liability is limited to replacement of the WordQwik
program files only.

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