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WE v3.0 Multi-Window Programmer's Editor.
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WE v3.0 Multi-Window Programmer’s Editor.
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WE.KCD 3353 1183 deflated
WECMD.KCD 4676 1599 deflated
WESTD.KCD 3353 1183 deflated

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Contents of the INSTALL.TXT file


Installation Instructions for WE

The simplest way to install WE is to place the following files
somewhere in the MS-DOS search path:

WE.EXE - Main executable.
WE.HLP - Help file.
WE.KCD - Keystroke command definition file.

WE.EXE can actually reside anywhere, but it is most convenient to put
it in the MS-DOS search path. WE.HLP and WE.KCD must be somewhere
WE.EXE can find them. WE.EXE looks first in the current directory,
and then the MS-DOS search path.

WE requires MS-DOS version 3.1 or later.

WE.EXE will execute from a floppy drive if necessary, but it may run
somewhat slower because it uses overlays. A hard disk is preferable.

To start WE either type "WE" on a line by itself to see a directory
list to pick a file from, or type "WE file file file ..." to start WE
and load one or more files at the same time. You can also use
wildcards for any "file" on the command line to pick from a directory
list of matching files.

Once WE is executing using F1 to view the online help. Also look at
WESTART.TXT for some hints on what parts of WE to investigate first.


If you like WE and use it regularly you MUST REGISTER IT!!!!!

See REGISTER.TXT for details on registering WE.

Aside from the satisfaction that you are doing the RIGHT THING you
will receive an UNRESTRICTED copy of WE plus a package of valuable
utility programs! See UTIL.TXT for details on these utilities.

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