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High bit stripper for reading Word Star files. Supports file redirection, and includes TP 4.0 source code.
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High bit stripper for reading Word Star files. Supports file redirection, and includes TP 4.0 source code.
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Contents of the VIEW.DOC file

Files in this archive:

VIEW.EXE WordStar Document File high bit stripper
VIEW.PAS Turbo Pascal 4.0 Source Code for the Program
VIEW.DOC This Document.

VIEW.EXE is a fast, small program which allows quick conversion of WordStar
Document files to ASCII format. If you use a program like PFS:FIRST PUBLISHER
you need to create ASCII format files to input text. I would be nice to
format those documents with WordStar, but unfortunately, WordStar document
mode adds non-ascii characters to its documents. VIEW will quickly convert
those files to ASCII. NOTE: you will not be able to retain such things as
underlining or boldface, or double wide so don't use those features when
creating your document. If you need to retain font features you will need to
purchase a program which does a document conversion from WordStar to the
particular format you need.

To use VIEW you simply type at the DOS prompt:

VIEW outfl.ext

Of course, you would substitute the actual name of your input file and the
name you want to output. WARNING make sure you use a different name for the
output file than is used for the input file!

You can use fully qualified paths as well so VIEW can be stored in any path on
your disk (that can be accessed by DOS) and you can input files from anywhere
and output them anywhere (even the printer).


VIEW The above sends the output to your screen.

The above sends the output to your printer.

DON'T FORGET THE < AND > symbols. These are the symbols for what is called
DOS re-direction and the program will not work without them.

If you do forget the redirection symbol (especially the < symbol) the program
will hang. Don't panic! There is no need to re-boot your computer. Simply
press the function key F6 and then the RETURN (ENTER) key and the program will
return you to the DOS PROMPT.

While I know of no problems resulting from the use of view I also attach the
following disclaimer:

VIEW is written by Roland "Bud" Brown and is hereby given to the Public
Domain. There is no charge for its use. I assume no responsibility for any
damage, of any kind, that may results by using VIEW. Use at your own risk.

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