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VENTEX v1.0 01/31/88

VENTEX does pre-formatting for Ventura plain-text ASCII file. See
VENTEX10.BAS for details.

VENTEXL does Lettrix (tm) conversion, VENTEXNL does not. Both object
files are derived from VENTEX10.BAS.

Requires QuickBasic 4.0 or greater for recompilation.

VENTEX is copyrighted in case we should someday decide to develop it
into a commercial product, but it is NOT ShareWare, FreeWare (tm), or
any other kind of HassleWare; it's free. Take it, use it, give it away,
modify it, sell it, whatever. (If you sell it, we'd appreciate some
kind of honorable mention -- e.g. "Derived from VENTEX10, written by
NightOwl Software of Fort Atkinson, WI" -- , but it's not required).

--Ron Fowler
NightOwl Software, Inc.