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Use printer as if it were a typewriter.
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Use printer as if it were a typewriter.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Typerite is a program which imitates a correcting, electric typewriter so
you can type directly on your printer without the hassle of using a word
processor. It also allows you to easily set some of the special printing
modes on the Epson (IBM Graphics) family of printers.

Typerite DOES NOT initialize the printer when it starts up. This means that
if you have already set your printer for some special printing mode (e.g.
bold) using some other program like SetFX+ or Fancy Font, you can just start
typing and the settings will remain in effect. Similarly, when you quit
Typerite any printer settings you have made will remain in effect. Thus, you
can use Typerite just to set your printer without typing anything at all if
you like.

You should now possess two files: this text file.
typerite.exe- the actual program.

To start simply type typerite at the A> and hit .

You are encouraged to copy these files and share them with your friends pro-
vided you don't modify them in any way and you keep them together.

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