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TexTools v1.0 text file filter and splitter.
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TexTools v1.0 text file filter and splitter.
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Contents of the TXT.DOC file

TexTools Information

Welcome to TexTools! TexTools is an ASCII text file utility program for the
IBM PC/XT/AT and compatibles. You'll find TexTools easy to use, as well as
flexible and powerful in modifying ASCII text files.

TexTools is distributed under the Shareware Marketing concept. TexTools is
NOT FREE software and HAS NOT been released to the public domain. The docu-
mentation, executable images, and all other files distributed with TexTools
are copyrighted by Ray Thigpen. The author welcomes your comments and ideas!

If you use TexTools beyond the 30-day evaluation period, you are expected to
register with the author and pay the license fee of $ 5.00. As a registered
user, you will receive a disk containing the most recent TexTools version,
plus notification of product updates. Support Shareware authors. Register
your copy of TexTools today and please include the Serial Number shown on
the screen when you quit the program. Thank you!

Ray Thigpen - 4105 Olive Street - Tampa, Florida 33616

*** TexTools *** Version 1.0 (C) Copyright 1991 by Ray Thigpen

Main Menu

Convert lowercase to UPPERCASE
Convert UPPERCASE to lowercase
Split Large File Into Two Files
Leading/Trailing Spaces
Remove Single Character
Count Lines in a File
Remove Extended Character Set
ASCII Code Chart

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