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Wildcard filename text search & replace program.
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Wildcard filename text search & replace program.
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Contents of the TSREP.DOC file

tsrep is a simple TEXT search and replace program for
ASCII files and it supports wildcard filenames.
It searches for a specified string and replaces it with
another specified string.

Note: It cannot currently search for strings containing
carriage return's, as that's what terminates the
string input routines. I know, what good is it?
Well, I wrote it because sometimes I have a whole
flock of files that need the same text changed
(eg. the name of an #include file or some such)
and I don't feel like separately editting each

If it helps, use it and enjoy.

Kevin Traub- 3/27/89
I may be contacted at 301-490-9298.

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