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Version 2.0 of the Semware editor.

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The SemWare Editor (TSE) 2.0 Test-Drive.
From the makers of QEdit comes the most
versatile yet easy-to-use DOS text
editor available. Just one look and
you'll be hooked on it's POWER, SPEED,
and FLEXIBILITY. Several popular editor
emulations and macros are included.
Limited to 30 minutes or 4000 keystrokes
per session.

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Version 2.0 of the Semware editor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BURNIN.DEF 152560 46673 deflated
BURNIN.MAC 1397 778 deflated
CALENDAR.MAC 6559 2044 deflated
CD.MAC 8998 5450 deflated
COMPILE.DAT 4083 1305 deflated
COMPILE.MAC 10943 5936 deflated
DEMO.EXE 126748 85947 deflated
EXPAND.MAC 613 492 deflated
EXPAND.S 5210 1831 deflated
EXPR.MAC 1910 1265 deflated
EXPR.S 10167 2788 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 330 242 deflated
FILLNUM.MAC 419 350 deflated
ICONFIG.MAC 24013 13517 deflated
POTPOURR.DAT 33168 9039 deflated
POTPOURR.MAC 3572 2480 deflated
READ.ME 6733 2888 deflated
SUM.MAC 1842 1196 deflated
TEMPLATE.DAT 1095 382 deflated
TEMPLATE.MAC 3389 2308 deflated
TSEHELP.HLP 432737 190961 deflated
WHERE.MAC 13202 7648 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The SemWare Editor (TSE) 2.0 Test-Drive.
From the makers of QEdit comes the most
versatile yet easy-to-use DOS text
editor available. Just one look and
you'll be hooked on it's POWER, SPEED,
and FLEXIBILITY. Several popular editor
emulations and macros are included.
Limited to 30 minutes or 4000 keystrokes
per session.

This is the file for the DEMO/TEST DRIVE version of TSE v2.0.

From the makers of QEdit comes The SemWare Editor (TSE) v2.0. If you liked
SemWare's QEdit, you will love TSE v2.0.

TSE builds on the ease-of-use and configurability of QEdit. When you
look under the hood, you'll find TSE is an editor with unsurpassed power
and flexibility!

Here's how The SemWare Editor will make YOU more productive:

* Uses an incredibly fast, VIRTUAL MEMORY MANAGER, allowing you to edit up to
64 megabytes of files, using any combination of XMS, EMS or hard disk space.

* Provides a POWERFUL PROGRAMMABLE MACRO LANGUAGE making the editor more
flexible and extendible than ever.

* Gives you SPEED, SPEED, SPEED! The SemWare Editor offers even better
performance than QEdit and extends that performance to megabyte-size files.

* Allows you to CONFIGURE MORE OPTIONS, MORE EASILY. You configure most
options from the pull-down menus. You can even change the menus too.

* Provides VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL WINDOWS to view and edit files.

* Lets you PLACE BOOKMARKS in your file(s) to instantly return to marked
positions as needed.

* Provides FULL MOUSE SUPPORT allowing the mouse to be used for block, window,
scrolling, and menu operations. And it's even configurable.

* Increases your search and replace capabilities by recognizing REGULAR
EXPRESSIONS (wildcards), offering INCREMENTAL search, and allowing you to
list those lines containing a selected text string.

* ENHANCED PRINTING OPTIONS including header and footer lines, page numbering,
line numbering, assignment of the print device, adjustable line spacing, and

* IMPROVED TAB HANDLING including fixed and variable tabs and support for hard

Additional features include:

* Integrated SPELL CHECK to help proof your documents and/or source code.
* Full Context-sensitive HYPERTEXT HELP.
* Integrated program compiling via the MULTI-LANGUAGE COMPILE MACRO.
* Template/Abbreviation expansions.
* All prompts feature POP-UP HISTORY BOXES.
* Automatic Startup Macro (TSESTART) for modifying your working environment!
* POTPOURRI menu for quick access to add-on macros.
* Use the FIND AND DO menu item to delete lines from a file, cut or copy lines
to the clipboard, or count the number of occurrences of a string in a file.

* And much much more!


M.S.: Wow! This is the best editor I've ever seen! I used to prefer QEdit
until I got this one three days ago!

M.R.: I have been using TSE for a couple of weeks now and I LOVE it! Thanks
to everyone at Semware for creating it.

R.C.: I am now in receipt of TSE and I far prefer it over every other editor
I have _EVER_ used.

M.L.: I received my TSE package a couple of weeks ago and have been playing
with it quite a bit (using it now). I am absolutely impressed! Excellent job!

S.K.: I've received TSE, and I'm _VERY_ impressed. ... I'm quite happy with
TSE. What power -- WOW!

R.C.: Count me in as one who prefers the "small and fast" mode both for QEdit
and especially for TSE (which I received recently and was thoroughly
impressed). You guys keep doing what you do best....super-tight code and
blazing speed. Oh, and a thank you for two simply _OUTSTANDING_ editors.

R.W.: I just wanted to say that I rec'ed my copy of TSE a few days ago and I
have had nothing but FUN with it. I actually look forward to going to work
again . I just LOVE this editor, I just wanted you to know that. Thanks to
all of you at SemWare for putting this program together!! (I didn't think it
possible to improve upon QEdit but you did).

R.D.: I just received TSE and I'm very much surprised. ... Thank you, Thank
you, Thank you.

T.M.: Got TSE yesterday; it's great, a work of art...

You should have the following files:

Only file needed to run the editor:

DEMO.EXE The demo version of TSE. All of the other files are

Supplemental files. While these files aren't absolutely needed (you can pick
and choose which ones you want), many are quite useful:

TSEHELP.HLP The abridged context sensitive help for this demo version.

COMPILE.MAC The standard CompileCurrentFile command. Supports many
compilers (adding others is a breeze) including Borland/Turbo
C/Pascal, Microsoft C/Fortran, Watcom C, and many others.
COMPILE.DAT Compiler setup database.

ICONFIG.MAC The standard Full Configuration command.

TEMPLATE.MAC The standard Template command. This one is a real time saver.
TEMPLATE.DAT The template database.

POTPOURR.MAC The standard Potpourri command. One can only remember so many
keys. As menus grow, they become less useful. Potpourri to
the rescue! This handy command presents a 'picklist' of
SemWare supplied macros. It can be supplemented as much as
you like.
POTPOURR.DAT The potpourri database.

The following macros are all available via the Potpourri. Many more (over 30)
come with the full retail version of TSE.

CALENDAR.MAC Displays a calendar.
CD.MAC A fancy change-directory command.
EXPAND.MAC Allows one to do word-completion using the current file as the
word-completion database.
EXPR.MAC A integer calculator.
FILLNUM.MAC Fills a column block with a range of numbers.
SUM.MAC Sums a column block of numbers.
WHERE.MAC An extra useful whereis command. Find and load that file

READ.ME The file you are currently reading.

BURNIN.DEF These two files allow you to install different user-interfaces.

Source code to two of the supplied macros, so you can get a feel for what the
macro language looks like.


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