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Thumb Print's Electric Typewriter bridges the gap between Word Processor and Printer.
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Thumb Print’s Electric Typewriter bridges the gap between Word Processor and Printer.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


Since the development of TP-ET in 1989 several more features have been added
to the Registered Version:

1: Embedded printer fonts are supported: TP-ET will allow you to embed the
following printer fonts.
Bold Face print
Emphasized print
Expanded print
Underlining of print
Superscripts and Subscripts
Proportional print

A TP-ET.PRN file that is compatible with IBM/EPSON printer codes comes with
the Registered Version.

2: TP-ETPRN.EXE a support program that allows the user to type in the codes
that their printer uses for the embedded fonts. You would use this program if
your printer is not IBM/EPSON printer compatible.

3: TPETUTIL.EXE a support program that allows the user to reprint any existing
TP-ET .LET file that exists on disk. This utility will recognize any
embedded printer fonts in the file and reprint an exact duplicate of the
original document. It will also reprint any ASCII file that you have on disk
the same way the DOS COPY PRN command does.

It will also CONVERT any TP-ET .LET file on disk to a pure ASCII file with
the embedded printer codes stripped out. It creates a corresponding file of
the same name with the extention .ASC. This way you may load the converted
document in any word processor minus the embedded printer codes. From there
you can edit - embed your word processor font codes - or whatever you wish to
do with the document.

4: TPLABEL.EXE creates Databases of mailing addresses. The program fully
maintains these Databases IE: Add - Delete - Un-Delete - Search - Pack
Databases - Change Database. Each Database can hold a maximum of 999 records.
Each record has 5 fields each 32 characters in length. Labels are printed
on standard 3 1/2" X 15/16" one up labels. Labels can be printed by selecting
specific records - all records - one time label (an address not in the
Database). A report generator is included. This will print all 5 fields of
each record on a single line in condensed elite (160 characters per line).
This is excellent for a print out of club rosters. TPLABEL contains numerous
context sensitive Help Screens. It is very easy to use.

5: PRNTEST.EXE this small program simply tests a printer's ability to print
160 character on 1 line. If the printer is not compatible with the imbedded
code the user can enter their own printer code and re-check the test line.

6: TEST.LET an ASCII file to be printed using TPETUTIL.EXE. This file will
test the printer's compatibility with the IBM/EPSON codes used in TP-ET.PRN.

7: TPED.EXE a Quick Editor without all the bells and whistles of a full
featured word processor. Ideal for creating/modifying small ASCII files
such as Batch files Config.sys file etc. If a file is less than 300 lines the
entire file is loaded into the editor. Any size file may be edited by
paging 300 lines into the editor at a time. Automatic backup of the original
file is created. Full Mouse support is included. Extremely easy to use.

8: The MONO switch was added to TP-ET. This switch is used when you have a
Laptop or a CGA card with a Black/White monitor IE: VM4.

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