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World's smallest working text file viewer.
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World’s smallest working text file viewer.
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Contents of the TV.DOC file

TinyView (TV) Doc File - Version 1.0

Welcome to TinyView (called TV from here on)! This program is the best
text file viewer your ever going to see. It's tiny (958 bytes), it can
view ANY size text file, it displays lines up to 1024 characters wide,
and it uses all 25 lines of your display. How does TV do all of this?
Through the magic of assembler. This program is written in 100% pure
assembly language for the smallest, fastest program possible. When you
want to view a file you type:

TV filename.ext (Paths and drive letters are fully supported)


After TV loads your file you will be presented with a FULL screen of
data WITHOUT any kind of status line to clutter up your display. How
do you go up and down through the file you ask? You use the keys that
would make the most sense, of course! The keys that TV uses are:

PgUp - Go up 1 page
PgDn - Go down 1 page
Home - Go to the top of the file
End - Go to the end of the file
- Move up one line
- Move down one line
-> - Move screen right 10 columns
<- - Move screen back to left margin
ESC - Quit TV and exit to DOS


Just because TV is small doesn't mean it's not potent. (Have any of
you ladies heard a guy say that lately?). TV filters and properly
displays ALL 256 characters from the IBM character set. Who cares you
say? You would if TV didn't do that. You see, some of the IBM
character set can produce "strange" results if your viewer doesn't
properly handle the character. Try using TV on a file that contains
the ASCII character number 9 (TAB), 10 (line feed), or a 12 (form feed)
and see what happens. Now, use your file viewer and see what happens.
That's when you'll really appreciate the "hidden goodies" of TV!


One final note: TV is to be considered a Public Domain program. What
does that mean? It means that you can freely give this program to
anyone who wants a copy. As a matter of fact I encourage you to give
this program to everyone, whether or not they want it (grin)! The only
stipulation to this offer is this: you must include the file TV.DOC
with evey copy of TV.COM that you give away. Not too tough, huh?

So use it, give it away, and enjoy it!
(Hey, I'm talking about my program - Get your mind out of the gutter!!)

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