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Very small and fast text editor. Handy to have.
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Very small and fast text editor. Handy to have.
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Contents of the LICENSE.DOC file

TED is not free software!!!!!! TED is shareware. What that means is you
have the right to use TED for evaluation purposes, but if you decide to use
TED on a regular basis for maintaining your program, batch, or data files,
you must register TED by sending $15 to the author:

Lee Castens
P.O. Box 1334
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-1334

TED may be freely distributed on any public or private data exchange,
including BBS's, User Group Libraries, and Commercial Shareware Distributors.
But please remember, if you paid someone a fee to get a copy of TED, I get
none of that money! Support and assistance will only be provided to those
users who have registered their copy of TED with me!

Special pricing is available to those Corporations or Institutions that
would like to site license TED or to include TED with their applications.

10-100 copies - $100
100-1000 copies - $500
<1000 copies - $1000

I have a custom version of TED available which may be called from your C,
Fortran, or Pascal programs to provide full screen editing. This version
may be licensed for the same fees as the site license version with the
exception that <1000 copies will cost you a royalty of $1 / copy... Where
could you find an editor for less than that?

Interested parties should contact me at the above address for a copy of my
commercial licensing agreement, which essentially guarentees my right to the
program and to royalty from the use of the program, and your right to the
use of the program. For more information contact me at (303) 425-0117.

=================CUT HERE AND MAIL TO THE ADDRESS ABOVE===================

Name ____________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________

City _____________________________ State _____________ ZIP ______________

Phone ____________________________

I use TED primarily for:

___ Program editing ___ Data file editing ___ dBase Programming

___ Other: ______________________________________________________________

Please send me a copy of ADVANCED.DOC ___

Please send me information on imbedding TED in my own programs: ___

Please send me information on site licensing TED for my company ___

Company name: _____________________________________

Please enclose a check for $15 payable to Lee Castens and mail to:

Lee Castens
P.O. Box 1334
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-1334

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