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Ý G E N E R A L I N F O R M A T I O N Page 1 Þ
Tech-Edit (Technical Editor) is a FAST full featured programmers' editor.
Tech-Edit was written with the idea of creating the fastest multi-window
text editor available for DOS and OS/2.

Shareware distribution of Tech-Edit includes a full featured DOS or
OS/2 version of the editor. Upon registration we will send you:

- Latest Release of
o DOS version
o 32 Bit OS/2 version
o Printed Manual
o Source code (Optional)

Tech-Edit is a general purpose source code editor. It provides a fast
multi-window and multi-file editing environment for programmers.

Tech-Edit uses a unique combination of editing windows and screens.
An editing session can be broken up into multiple screens;
in turn, each screen may be broken up into multiple windows
(16 per screen).

The Technical Editor was designed with enough features to make
most editing chores simple. The most noted features:

. 25,43,50 line modes
. Multiple screens and windows
. UNDO last 1000 text changes
. Keyboard re-definition
. Line and rectangular block marking
. Selection box for file loading (moves through directories)
. Auto word search (searches for word under cursor)
. Binary and read only editing modes
. Bookmarks (up to 5)
. Bracket matching
. Extended ASCII character set
. File based keymap configurations
. Window selection list to go from window to window
. Interactive editor configuration
. Keyboard macros
. Regular expression search and replace

Tech-Edit is a shareware product; before using it you must
read the license agreement (license.txt).

Included in the evaluation .ZIP file are:

readme.1st - General product information plus.

license.txt - License agreement and registration/order form

t.exe/t32.exe - Technical Editor Executable

t.hlp - Technical Editor Help file

prob.rep - Form for reporting Tech-Edit problems. Please use
this form whether or not you are a registered user.
FAX, E-Mail or US Mail it to us.
Ý H E L P F U L L H I N T S Page 2 Þ

Copy "t*.exe" and "t.hlp" files into a directory included in your "PATH"

Usage: t [-prb] file1.ext file2.ext ... filen.ext
flags and filespecs are optional;
-p Choose file to edit through file pick list
-r Bring up file in read-only mode (allows no changes)
-b Bring up file in binary mode (fixed line length and
no CR-LF translation)

Valid wild card characters (*?) can be used for file names.

Executing "t.exe" or "t32.exe" without any arguments brings up a pick-list
window with all the files and directories in the current directory.

Commands for getting started:

ALT-C Editor configuration (change defaults)
Alt-D Delete current line
Alt-K Delete to end of line
Alt-L BLOCKING: Mark lines for Copy/Delete/Cut
Alt-B BLOCKING: Rectangle mark for Copy/Delete/Cut/Indent
Alt-I BLOCKING: Paste current cut buffer
Alt-G Goto line
Ctrl-U Undo last file modification
Alt-Z Exit and save all changed files
Alt-X+N Exit and discard all changed files
Alt-Q Exit and prompt to save for each changed file
Alt-F+S Save current buffer
Ctrl-S+F or F3 Search forward
Ctrl-F Repeat last search
Alt-- or F9 Previous screen
Alt-= of F10 Next screen
Ctrl-K+D Key re-define (change action of any given key sequence)
Ctrl-K+S Save current keymap

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