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Filename : TEREAD.1ST

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Text Editor (TE) 2.3 is a public domain, full screen ASCII text editor for the
IBM PC and close compatibles which uses commands similar to those used in
WordStar and Sidekick. Primary uses for TE are to create/edit batch files,
generate forms, edit files captured by telecommunications programs, write
E-mail and simulate a "smart" typewriter.

Features include: 1) Program size of 29,920 bytes. 2) Edit file size as large
as available memory. 3) Display commands on pop-up help screen, prompt for
subcommands. 4) Insert, delete, split, join a line. 5) Copy, delete, move,
read, write, shift, hide, display a marked block. 6) Print a file/block to
LPT1-LPT3. 7) Enter any ASCII code. 8) Find/replace a phrase. 9) Temporary
return to DOS. 10) Set left/right margins and page length. 11) Word wrap.
12) Format (justify) a paragraph.

This archive contains the following files:
TEREAD.1ST This file.
TE.EXE The actual Text Editor program.

TE.DOC TE 2.3 User's Guide (10 pages)
TEMOD.EXE Utility to change TE.EXE colors, margins, etc.
TEG.HLP TE 2.3 Command Summary (1 page).

Written by John Haluska, 310 W. Imperial Ave. #6, El Segundo, CA 90245.
CIS 74000,1106