Dec 062017
Tutor for The Draw ANSI animation program.
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Tutor for The Draw ANSI animation program.
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TDTUT2P5.ANS 3284 703 deflated
TDTUTOR1.TD 4162 1174 deflated
TDTUTOR2.TD 6654 3347 deflated
TDTUTOR3.TD 4162 1071 deflated
TDTUTOR4.TD 4162 1045 deflated
TDTUTOR5.TD 4162 1141 deflated
TDTUTOR6.TD 4970 1920 deflated

Download File TDTUTOR.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

This is a series of screens to aid you in making animations with TheDraw.
They are saved in TheDraw format to make loading faster. Please view them in
order. To load up the first one, hit {ALT-L} and select the file TDTUTOR1.TD.
You will receive furthur instructios on each one.

These screens were created by Adam Rixey, and if you appreciate them, let me
know. Leave me a sample of your work on local Atlanta BBS's (check with
the SySop first) or write to me at:
Adam Rixey
1952 Chartwell Court
Marietta, GA 30066

Any donations would be greatly appreciated for putting my time and effort
into this.

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