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Remove tabs from text file. Permits specification of tab width.
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Remove tabs from text file. Permits specification of tab width.
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Contents of the TABREMOV.DOC file

TabRemover Version 1.0
Written by Alex Helder



This simple program removes TAB characters from text files, and inserts
the appropriate number of spaces in place of that tab. TabRemover will
make sure that all the columns line up properly as they did with normal
tabs. The user may specify how many spaces will replace each TAB
character. TabRemov will create a file called OUT.TXT, which will have
the processed text file. The original is NOT changed.


TABREMOV [infile] [n spaces]

[infile] is the file to be processed
[n spaces] is the number of spaces which a single tab is to be replaced by

Using TabRemov is very easy. Simply type the following at the DOS
prompt (note : this example requires that TabRemov is in the current dir
or in the search PATH).

TABREMOV foo.txt 4

This will cause TABREMOV to process the file foo.txt, and replace each tab
with 4 spaces. Original columns are always preserved.

Note that there is no / or - preceding any arguments.


Please mail/email me bug reports or suggestions !!, And
PLEASE help a starving college student by sending $3 if you use this program
regularly. My address is

Alex Helder
CPU 2175
30 Lowenthal Dr, Rochester NY

My TELNET ADDRESS : [email protected]
INTERNAL ADDRESS : IN%"[email protected]"

Have Fun.

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