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- Page 1 -

@$84 PRINT OPTIONS is used to activate the
printer options and setup menu. The menu
contains options for Normal Print and page
range, Column Print and corresponding page
range, Printer Setup, and the number of
copies to print.

DOT COMMANDS Dot Commands are used to control the
effects and appearance of printed
documents. A Dot Command must start in
the first column of a line and be the only
text on that line. In the descriptions
below, variable "n" represents the
assigned value and variable "x" represents
the toggle character or symbol associated
with the commands.

- Page 2 -

.OP Omit page numbering
.PN Enable page numbering
.PA Eject page
.PN n Set current page number
.TM n Set top margin
.BM n Set bottom margin
.LM n Set printed left margin

.CB=x Set Boldface toggle character
.CI=x Set Italics toggle character
.CQ=x Set Letter Quality toggle character
.CD=x Set Doublewidth toggle character
.CU=x Set Underscore toggle character
.CHS=x Set Superscript toggle character
.CLS=x Set Subscript toggle character
.FON1=x Set Font 1 toggle character
.FON2=x Set Font 2 toggle character
.FON3=x Set Font 3 toggle character

- Page 3 -

When a toggle character is encountered in the text, its
corresponding printer effect is thereby initiated. The
effect remains active until the second occurrence of the

All printer effect toggle characters may be permanently set
using the Printer Setup command of PRINTING OPTIONS menu.
By setting the characters permanently, you need not type the
printer effect dot command in the body of the text; merely
use the preset toggle character to surround the target text.
If you wish to use a preset character as text in your
document, you may override the permanent setup by utilizing
a dot command and assigning a different character to the


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Archive   : SW25.ZIP
Filename : SW.HL5

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