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Output of file : CFGVIDEO.HLP contained in archive : SW25.ZIP
CFGVIDEO is a generic utility used to set up color video configuration
files for Turbo C++ & HCorLib applications (like SimplyWrite). HCorLib
applications will generally use the attributes NORMAL, REVERSE, and
VIDHIGH. These tree attributes each have their own foreground and
background settings, which can be set by CFGVIDEO. Normally HCorLib
applications will use the attribute NORMAL to color a frame, REVERSE for
entering prompted text and menu selections, and VIDHIGH for displaying
entered text and prompted messages.

By using the CFGVIDEO utility, you can change the foreground and
background colors of NORMAL, REVERSE, and VIDHIGH. When this is done,
you will notice that when you run a HCorLib application on a color
system, there will be changes in the color of various parts of the
application. Additionally, the background colors Black, Red, Green,
etc. may be changed.

To use CFGVIDEO, for example, type "CFGVIDEO SW.VID". Upon execution,
CFGVIDEO will display the current settings for the attributes. To
select an attribute, use the cursor keys to move the attribute indicator
(->) to the attribute you desire to change. The NORMAL, VIDHIGH and
REVERSE attributes each have a foreground and background component. To
change the foreground component of VIDHIGH, for example, use the arrow
keys to position the indicator (->) next to the VIDHIGH foreground
attribute. Press '+' to step forward through the foreground color
selections and '-' to reverse. To change the background component of
VIDHIGH, position the indicator (->) next to the VIDHIGH background
attribute. Follow the same procedure to select the desired background

A list of possible colors for foreground and background is shown at the
bottom of the screen, with an '*' (start indicator) placed over the
color that is currently selected. Note that when setting background
attributes, the color map will scroll around to the color with the blink
attribute, and scroll around to back to the nonblinking.

Press the key to exit the program and save the file with the
current changes. The CFGVIDEO program will ask you if you want snow
checking enabled or disabled. Generally you should set this to 'N' (no)
for Monochrome, EGA, NEW CGA and VGA adaptors. However, if you have an
older CGA card design, and you wish to trade screen snow and speed for
slower but clean screen screen updates, place a 'Y' (yes) in this field.

SimplyWrite uses the VIDHIGH attribute on the MAIN MENU screen for all
the text. A BLue backgoround is used for all boxes. Reverse is used
for all Menu Options and Pormpt fields. SImplyWrite uses the Normal
attribute for the Edit window, VIDHIGH for the edit file name and
REVERSE for the status line, ruler and cross-hairs.

If you have an unappealing color scheme, try changing the color through
this utility. A pure monochrome configuration for plasma screens and
CGA running on Monochrome displays is provided. It is called BW.VID.
If is is renamed to the name of the video file used by the HCorLib
applications (SW.VID for SImplyWrite), then it will appear as if it were
on a monochrom system.

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