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Strips the ASCII text out of any DOS file so that it may be viewed.
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Strips the ASCII text out of any DOS file so that it may be viewed.
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The text stripper solves two problems. The first is it will take
a WordStar document and make it readable on the display, or it
will store it on your disk. If you store it, it will overwrite
itself. This is so you can convert an extremely long document
with only one disk drive.

The second problem this program solves is that you can snoop through
a .COM, .EXE, or whatever type of file to see if there are any messages
hidden in the program. This is nice when you get a program and the
manual just isnt good enough. Stripping the text out is easier than
struggling through all of the help menus to pick up extra pointers.
While stripping out help menus you will get a lot of junk, but if you
store at the same time, the file can be brought up with a word processor
and the garbage can easily be edited out. Try it on a short program first.

The options available are to display it, or store it, or both. It
takes longer to display and store, but you can see the program at
Marvin Konopik
503 Gold Street
Schuyler, Nebraska 68661

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