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Great editor, works under OS/2, ATARI ST, Unix.
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Great editor, works under OS/2, ATARI ST, Unix.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALLOC.C 4166 1568 deflated
ASCII.H 377 242 deflated
CMDLINE.C 11616 3919 deflated
EDIT.C 6821 2509 deflated
FILEIO.C 4327 1854 deflated
HELP.C 8653 2027 deflated
HEXCHARS.C 3221 711 deflated
KEYMAP.H 1053 452 deflated
LINEFUNC.C 1678 718 deflated
MAIN.C 7056 2248 deflated
MAKEFILE.OS2 1415 506 deflated
MAKEFILE.TOS 850 426 deflated
MAKEFILE.USG 368 241 deflated
MANIFEST 1076 272 deflated
MARK.C 2388 959 deflated
MISCCMDS.C 8436 3012 deflated
NORMAL.C 25018 6932 deflated
OS2.C 1713 755 deflated
PARAM.C 3996 1598 deflated
PARAM.H 1370 641 deflated
PORTING.DOC 2473 1197 deflated
PTRFUNC.C 2728 942 deflated
README 1311 678 deflated
SCREEN.C 13718 3881 deflated
SEARCH.C 13938 4008 deflated
SOURCE.DOC 4758 2176 deflated
STEVE.NOT 868 540 deflated
STEVIE.DOC 16131 6302 deflated
STEVIE.H 4788 1917 deflated
TERM.H 2886 976 deflated
TOS.C 5442 2366 deflated
UNIX.C 2408 1021 deflated

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Contents of the README file

STEVIE Source Release

This is a source release of the STEVIE editor, a public domain clone
of the UNIX editor 'vi'. The program was originally developed for the
Atari ST, but has been ported to UNIX and OS/2 as well.

To compile STEVIE, you'll also need Henry Spencer's regular expression

The files included in this release are:

This file.

Reference manual for STEVIE. Assumes familiarity with vi.

Quick overview of the major data structures used.

Tips for porting STEVIE to other systems.

Makefiles for OS/2, UNIX System V, and the Atari ST respectively.

System-dependent routines for the same.

alloc.c ascii.h cmdline.c edit.c fileio.c help.c hexchars.c
keymap.h linefunc.c main.c mark.c misccmds.c normal.c param.c
param.h ptrfunc.c screen.c search.c stevie.h term.h

C source and header files for STEVIE.

To compile STEVIE for one of the provided systems:

1. Compile the regular expression library and install as
appropriate for your system.

2. Edit the file 'stevie.h' to set the system defines as needed.

3. Check the makefile for your system, and modify as needed.

4. Compile.

Good Luck...

Tony Andrews

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