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A simple program to clean excess spaces from macros.
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A simple program to clean excess spaces from macros.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

SPZAPeR2 is the newest version of the spzaper macro cleaning programs. It's intention is to remove the spaces from macros which would otherwise cause the macro to fail. The original program had limitations with some macro types and lacked function switches present in this version. This version accepts dos wildcards and input from the dos prompt.
My test case was the macro c:\download\macros\bbdate.mac /e /s
This line prompts the program to process the bbdate.mac macro, in the download directory, echo each processed line to the screen and save the tst file. The test file is a secondary macro in which SPZAPER2 stores the CLEANED version of the macro. This option forbids SPZAPER2 from overwriting the original macro with the cleaned macro, providing two versions of the macro. You may not wish to use this option, but it is available.
The options available are:
/s ... to save the test file-see above.
/p ... to print each line of the macro to a printer. This provides you with a hard copy of the macro in the event that you need one.
/e ... echo the output lines to the screen. It proves that something is going on.
/q ... QUITS the program. in case you have made a mistake.
/a ... Removes all the spaces in the macro. Use this option only if you are sure that the macro
doesn't contain any printing which requires it to type spaces.

SPZAPER2 will also clean txt files. Without the /a switch, the program removes leading and trailing spaces. Some txt files are hard to read on word processors because of the 40 character lines. Removing the spaces makes deleting the from the end of the lines much easier.
Note that the filename must PRECEED the switches. SPZAPER2 /a test macro would produce an error. The results are not predictable.
Registering this shareware product is simple. The cost is $3.50, payable to the author, not the company, mailed to:
Robert Coeyman
929 Long Cove Road
Glen Burnie, Maryland

I will answer any requests containing a self addressed stamped envelope. Send a disk with adequate affixed postage and I'll send you the latest copy of SPZAPER when it's released. The cost will be $15.00 if I have to get the disk and mail it to you myself. I don't get out much and that makes such things hard for me.

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