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Spelling checker for ASCII files - can be used with QEdit and Brief.
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Spelling checker for ASCII files – can be used with QEdit and Brief.
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Contents of the SPELLR.DOC file

SpellR Copyright (c) JeWeL Software,
1985, 1988, all rights reserved Ver 2.0

I Introduction

The Spellr.exe program is designed to check the spelling of any
ASCII document and output all of the words that could not be found
in its dictionary to the standard output device. The output for each
unknown word found in a document is as follows:

file.ext(line, col) error : unknown_word (number)

The "file.ext" is the name of the the file being processed, "line,
col" is the line number and column number for the unknown word,
"unknown_word" is the actual spelling of the word not known, and the
"(number)" is the number of times the unknown word was found in the
document file.

II Dictionary

The dictionary used with this program contains in excess of 40,000

In addition the user can specify any file that contains a list of
words the should be accepted by the program. If no file name is
given then the program will search for a default list of words in a
file named "SPELLR.DIC". The search for either the user's specified
word list, or the default word list file "SPELLR.DIC" will use the
current PATH setting. Thus if the dictionary list file could not be
found in the current directory then it will search each PATH setting
trying to locate and open the specified file.

The optional word list is simply an ASCII file that contains word
that should be accepted as correct in spelling with each word
separated by any number of white spaces (spaces, tabs, newlines).
The total size of this word list is not restricted, but if should
not contain in excess of 1,000 to 2,000 words since this will cause
a delay in program execution.

III Program Usage

This program executes on any MS-DOS/PC-DOS compatible computer. To
invoke the program to check the spelling of any ASCII document
simply enter the following:

SpellR [-tn] [-dmywords] filename

The optional "-tn" (without the quotes) specifies the tab setting
distance to use for reporting column numbers. If the tab setting is
not given a value of four (4) will be used.

The optional "-dmywords" (without the quotes) specifies an optional
list of words that should be accepted as correct spelling. See
section II, Dictionary for an explanation of the content and usage
of this word list file.

The "filename" is simply the file to check the spelling on.

The execution speed for the SpellR.exe program will vary depending
on what type of computer you are using. In some test cases this
program was capabale of processing 150 words per second on a 8MHZ

III BRIEF Editor Usage

Since this error output is similar to the error output from many
compiler programs, it is well suited to being processed by the BRIEF
Editor, in the same manner that this editor process error output
from any compiler program.

To use this program simply use the BRIEF macro compiler "cm" to
compile the "SpellR.m" file supplied with the "SpellR.exe" program.
Once you have compiled this program simply place it with all of your
other compiled BRIEF macros and invoke it as you would any DOS
program by depressing the F10 key and entering "SpellR".

Once the "SpellR" macro is invoked it will write out any changes to
the current file being processed and invoke the "SpellR.exe" program
passing the current tab setting, the file name being edited, and
re-direct the standard output to a file of the same name with the
extension ".err".

Once the "SpellR.exe" program has completed execution the "SpellR"
BRIEF macro will place the cursor on the first unknown word. The
unknown word will also be displayed on the bottom prompt line
followed by the number of times this word appears in the file. To
proceed to the next unknown word you simply enter the "CTRL-N" key
the same as you do for examing other errors when you invoke a
compiler from within BRIEF.

The BRIEF macro is simply a minor modification of the compile macro
supplied by Solution Systems and thus is not copyrighted by the

IV Copyright Protection for SpellR.exe

The SpellR.exe program is copyright (c) 1985, 1988 by JeWeL
Software. All rights reserved. Non-registered users are granted a
limited license to use this product on a trial basis, and to copy
the program for trial use by others subject to the following

The program is distributed in unmodified form, complete with

No fee, charge, or other consideration is requested or accepted by
the user.

The program is not distributed in conjunction with any other

If you intend to use SpellR on a regular basis, please register and
show your support for the author. Commercial, business, or
governmental use by non-registered users is prohibited.

Interested in multiple copies for use at work? Site and corporate
licenses are available.

The "SpellR.exe" program is not copy protected.

V Information about Spellr.exe

Every effort has been made to insure the correct performance of this
program. If any problems are encountered with the SpellR.exe program
please address then to the address below.

If you use this program on a regular basis, please show your support
by registering. You may register by sending a check or money order
for $30 to:

JeWeL Software
9014 N. E. 82nd Ave
Vancouver, Washington 98662
(206) 892-1559

All registered users will receive notification of any new release of
the Spellr.exe program. Program disks are not included in the
registration fee.

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