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Create and manage personal dictionary for Spellr20.
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Create and manage personal dictionary for Spellr20.
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Contents of the SPELLPER.DOC file

SPELLPER ver 1.0 Copyright January 17, 1989
Tony Tortorelli All rights reserved
Thunder Road 1-718-392-8836
Compu$erve 71571,3647


SPELLPER is to be used in conjunction with SPELLR by JeWel
Software. SPELLR is a program designed to check the spelling
of any ASCII document and output all of the words that could
not be found in its dictionary to the standard output device.
In order to utilize SPELLPER, the output MUST be redirected to
a file (i.e. "SPELLR myfile.txt > err").

In addition to is 40,000 word dictionary, SPELLR allows the
user to maintain a personal dictionary.

The purpose of SPELLPER is to allow to user to easily maintain
his personal dictionary. SPELLPER will read the error listing
created by SPELLR and will prompt the user as to whether the
unidentified word should be added to his personal dictionary.
(Note: All errors in your document must be corrected manually)


[d:][path:] spellper "personal dictionary file" "error file"


SPELLR includes a macro that can be used with BRIEF, however
QEdit can also be utilized with the following macro which will
display all errors in a window:

macro_begin next_window g_save edit_file 'c:\path\err'
return quit dos 'c:\path\spellr ' current_filename
'>c:\path\err' return return horizontal_window edit_file
'c:\path\err' return prev_window

You can also define a macro to execute SPELLPER within QEdit as

macro_begin dos 'c:\path\spellper c:\path\spellr.dic c:\path\err'
return return

As with all QEdit macros, these must be one continues line.

SPELLPER is compiled with TurboC 2.0.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints,
I can be reached at either Thunder Road or Compu$erve.

Tony Tortorelli

Thunder Road 1-718-392-8836
Compu$erve 71571,3647

Copyright Notice:

The file SPELLPER.COM and this documentation are:

(C) Copyright Tony Tortorelli 1989, All rights reserved.

It may be freely used, copied, and distributed in any manner by
anyone, provided that no fee is charged, it is not distributed as
part of a commercial product, all risk is assumed by the user,
and this unmodified documentation file is included.

SpellR Copyright (c) 1985, 1988 JeWeL Software

BRIEF Copyright (c) Solution Systems

QEdit Copyright (c) 1988 SemWare

Warranty and Support:

The author assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that
may be caused by the use of this software, and does not warrant
that it will do anything at all. Users must agree to accept any
risk as a condition of the free use of this software. Because of
its very trivial nature, the author does not anticipate that any
support will be needed, therefore, this software is donated to
the public domain.

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