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Convert names to Soundex Code (with C source).
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Convert names to Soundex Code (with C source).
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Contents of the SOUNDEX.DOC file


The Soundex system provides a simple way of encoding and classifying names by
the way they are pronounced. This system is used by the National Archives
and Motor Vehicle Bureaus in some states (although sometimes with modific-

Soundex can be thought of as a crude hashing algorithm for names. It has
been in use about 70 years, since before the adoption of modern information
handling techniques, but it can still simplify filing procedures if used

To use the program, make certain that SOUNDEX.EXE is in your current
directory. Type soundex name where "name" is the name to be converted,
or just type soundex and you will be prompted for a name to convert.

The enclosed executable, SOUNDEX.EXE, and the source code, SOUNDEX.C and
SOUNDEX.H, are placed in the Public Domain courtesy of the author of same.
Any lawful use may be made of them. The author accepts no liability for
damages, incidental or otherwise, caused by use or misuse of the program.

The author does not solicit contributions for the use of this program,
nevertheless any that find their way to him will be gratefully accepted.
Comments and/or suggestions [criticisms?] are of course welcome. To pervert
an old saying, "Don't throw money, applaud!".

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Baltimore, MD 21224-3934


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