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Type text file on screen at readable speed. User selects 1 to 9 seconds per line, scrolling is continuous without need for repeated s.
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Type text file on screen at readable speed. User selects 1 to 9 seconds per line, scrolling is continuous without need for repeated s.
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Contents of the SLOWTYPE.DOC file

(c) Copyright David Batchelor 1990

SLOWTYPE is a utility for typing a text file on the screen at a rate slow
enough to read -- a rate chosen by the user. This is useful if the user simply
wants to read a scrolling file at a relaxed pace, without having to type a
carriage return repeatedly. The program is also of use to computer users who
are visually impaired and have other software installed which can read aloud
what is printed on the screen. The command line format is

slowtype input_file_name -d#

where # represents a digit from 0 to 9, the desired number of seconds between
typed lines. The "input_file_name" parameter is optional, and the program will
prompt the user if it is not present. The "-d#" parameter is also optional,
and if it is absent, the default interline delay of 3 seconds is assumed. I
have found that this is a good match to users' reading rates.

You may wish to use the DOS ren command to rename SLOWTYPE.EXE as ST.EXE, to
save typing.

I am still developing the program and plan to make it more powerful in future
releases. I also plan to add features in future releases (e.g., options for
pausing, starting at a given line number in the file, redisplaying). This
version of the program functions without errors, but I would appreciate hearing
from you if you encounter any problems.

SLOWTYPE returns an error level of 1 if the input file cannot be openned on
the second attempt; otherwise it terminates without setting an error level.

This program is SHAREWARE and you are free to copy and distribute it under the
following conditions: the executable file SLOWTYPE.EXE and this file
SLOWTYPE.DOC are not altered in any way, both files are included together in
any distribution, and no money is received by the distributor (except perhaps
media costs). This program is offered to you for personal use only, not for
use in a business or government environment without a license agreement. If
you find SLOWTYPE of value, a gift of $5, or any amount would be greatly
appreciated. This would also entitle you to unlimited registered use of
future releases of SLOWTYPE. The source code is in C and is available to
interested users. I may be reached by snail mail at

David Batchelor
8150 Lakecrest Dr., #317
Greenbelt, MD 20770

I also can be contacted via Email on several Washington, DC, area BBSs, such as
TIDMADT (703)370-7054 (FidoNet 109/120) or Interconnect (703)425-2505.

Version 0.3 Nov. 13, 1990
Version 0.4 Nov. 15, 1990

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