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SlickPro is a Copyrighted(c)1989 product of Simple Software, New Orleans, La.

͵²²ÆÍ Slick PROfessional Editor by Simple Software Company ͵²²ÆÍ
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Simple Company
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G.M. Raymond, Pres.
P. O. Box 8184
New Orleans, La. 70182
(504) 288 6550 voice
(504) 283 9785 BBS
(601) 255 5772 BBS

PRO Ver 2.0 10/1/89

Slick PRO is a basic ascii text editor, ideal for those small, quick
jobs, like autoexec and config mods, new batch files etc. PRO can be
called via a DOS path statement and has the ability to pass a file
parameter via the dos prompt or, by default, bring up a directory
window from where it was called, and allow you to pick an existing
text file to edit.

A> PRO NEWFILE.TXT {begin a brand new file}
A> PRO {Invokes Directory Picker}

PRO will operate on either mono or color IBM PC's using DOS ver
2+ or later with 128k or more of ram. PRO is ideal for operation
on a floppy disk or hard drive.

PRO is an excellent way to eliminate your typewriter by adding a
line printer to your PC. PRO supports BLOCK operations that
include output to file or printer (port LPT1). Although PRO
has MANY advanced features, the average person can learn to use
PRO in just a few minutes. Although not intended as a wordprocessor,
PRO use a number of common Word Star commands. More importantly,
you will find it easy to remember keys because of their association
with the functions they control. Example: Alt M for Move a block,
Alt D for Delete a block, Alt C for Copy a block....etc...etc...

The registered version eliminates the 10 second advertisement
at the ending of each editing secession, provides the latest
version with lifetime voice support at your toll expense. Additional
support is available via our BBS's in New Orleans and Bay St
Louis, Ms.

The end of this doc file has a listing of all functions and the
corresponding keys that activate them. You will be happy with all
the uptown features you find with PRO. All frequently used keys
are shown on the status bar.

Character left : Begin block :
Character right : End block :
Word left : Mark current word :
Word right : Toggle block display :
Line up : Copy block :
Line down : Move block :
Scroll up : Delete block :
Scroll down : Read file into window :
Page up : Write block to file :
Page down : Print marked block :
Cursor to left side : Set marker 0 : 0
Cursor to right side : Set marker 1 : 1
Top of screen : Set marker 2 : 2
Bottom of screen : Set marker 3 : 3
Top of window : Jump to marker 0 : 0
Bottom of window : Jump to marker 1 : 1
Top of block : Jump to marker 2 : 2
Bottom of block : Jump to marker 3 : 3
Previous cursor pos. : Find pattern :
New line : Find and replace :
Insert line : Find next :
Toggle insert mode : Tab :
Delete line : Toggle autoindent mode:
Delete line right : Toggle fixed tabs :
Delete right word : Exit and Save :
Delete current char : Restore line :
Delete left character : Insert control char :
Save and Continue : F2 Change Screen Size : F10